my closet shelves are making me smile

talley_sue_nycJanuary 16, 2012

I have this odd triangular closet that is the only "cleaning supplies" type close in my apartment. And it's gotten really out of hand.

The existing shelves are spaced pretty far apart, which wastes a certain amount of space--though it does mean there's room to lift stuff up and over in order to get it out of the back.

So recently, feeling a big rejuvenated, I slowly started tackling it. It started because I'd brought home from my old job one of those three-step cabinet canned-goods organizers.

It was kicking around the house, getting in the way, and I thought, "Oh heck, I'll just put it into service."

I split it apart and added a piece of foam board to support the open end of one of them, and voila! I had 2 of them. One for each of the shelves that hold spray bottles, etc.

I stripped those shelves fast-like, and put in the three-tier thing. Then I went through the solutions and culled the ones I don't use (and no, Windex and Glass Plus don't explode if you combine them). For the rest of them, I got out the Sharpie and wrote the name of the product on the side of the cap, since you can't really read the label on the front.

Then a few days later, I tackled the bottom of the closet. It held the cleaning supplies and the buckets, and I've always stuffed things into the buckets--which means you can't use the buckets without emptying them first.

Again, I pulled everything out. And then I put in one of those wire shelves along one wall.

It turns out, the buckets JUST fit, so it's completely not inviting to store stuff IN the buckets. And once I tossed all the cleaning supplies, etc., that I don't need, it all just fits. The boxes of Swiffer refills, etc., go behind the buckets easily, and some other stuff slides underneath.

Then, I tackled the linen shelf above it. It had essentially ended up to be completely stuffed solid with cloth.

I threw out the kitchen towels that my DH had ruined by using them as though they were cleaning rags when he used Soft Scrub with Bleach on the stovetop. So they aren't around reminding me to be mad at him for being a dolt. (I tossed 11 towels for this reason !!)

I also pared the cleaning cloths down--if they were permanently gray, out they went. And I rotated some of the oven mitts into the kitchen and put the gunky ones into the laundry. (the gunky ones are more effective--if they come clean, I'm not getting rid of them. But at least I'm giving the other ones an opportunity)

Then I did the wire-shelf thing again and created double-decker storage in that tall, unwieldy space.

I did have to pic a new folding scheme for the dish towels so they would fit on the shelf smoothly. The resulting dimensions are much more stable, so the stack is less likely to list or topple.

Today, I went to put a few clean dishtowels away, and it was such a pleasant experience! All I had to do was lay them on the stack.

Every day, I open the door and stand there and admire my handiwork!

I wish I'd taken before-and-after pictures. I'll try to get some after picture to show you, though.

And I'll try for before pics for the junk-drawer compartment of that closet.

I'm trying to find plastic drawers that will fill the space from the bottom to the top, instead of leaving a hard-to-utilize space above.

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GOOD JOB!!! I can totally relate to opening the closet just to look inside and smile - love that feeling. Thanks for posting and please, do post after pics.


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I'd love to see pictures. Instead of wasting space, I had the builder put a triangular closet in the hallwy where you go round the corner. I use it for linens, but it is awkward because it doesn't square up. I'd like to see how someone else does it.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one opening doors to admire handiwork! I did my kitchen cupboards and drawers last week and just can't stop admiring my work! I used to open the doors/drawers and cringe, now I'm pleased as punch with myself. I feel like a showoff!

Ain't it great?

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Hooray for you, Tally Sue!!!

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Good job Talley_Sue!! My DD just moved into a new home; I daydream about organizing her large but shallow (yea) pantry with way too much wasted "head room".

I not only admire my organizational work, it's what I show guests---instead of new drapes, furniture, etc. Sicko I know.

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You and me both!
(and you and me both on the wasted headroom! In this case, it's not so bad bcs it makes it possible to lift stuff up and over, at least on a couple of shelves.)

And I'm feeling bad I didn't take befores.

i'm going to take befores of the last shelf to tackle. Maybe even tonight.

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