old plastic tiles

nick1862March 30, 2009

Hi, I am still looking for aqua or mint green 50's plastic wall tile. I have bought and resold four sets of wrong color tiles on ebay since I last posted. I need 50 or more really bad! Thanks, Nick.

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Contact the Historic Albany Foundation, Albany NY. They operate an old-house salvage warehouse and I think if you mailed them a piece of what you are looking for, they might be able to match from their considerable stock of plastic tiles in blue/aqua, etc.

The warehouse is only open late in the week and on Saturdays, but I think they answer the phone at the office during business hours.

This is an email addy for them: climniatis INSERT AT SYMBOL, NO SPACES historic-albany DOT org This is the email for the communications director, MS C Limniatis. (I am purposely trying to be cryptic and not add to her spam load.)

Other contact info:
Historic Albany Foundation
89 Lexington Avenue
Albany NY 12206

I haven't been there since last year, so their stock may have changed, but they usually have a lot of tile.

Good luck!


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Could there really be light at the end of my tunnel? This sounds promising,I'll get in touch with them. Thank You Molly! Nick.

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We live in Albany, and it's a really fantastic place- they definitly have stacks of tile. I don't usually look at it when I am there, but next time I go, I'll check as well. I know there is a previous thread that has photos of your tile, I'll look it up.

They have a new parts warehouse manager and Christiana, who's email Molly gave you, could certainly put you in touch with him. The Warehouse is a little separate from HAF, but everyone in both places is really dedicated to preservation, so should be very helpful.

Good luck!

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I have about 30 of the aqua in Fl

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