Inspiration.. or the lack of it!

maddiemom6January 25, 2006

It's Sooooo much easier to stay inspired when you and more to the point others can see the results of your cleaning and sorting and donating actions... but when only you know it's hard to keep up that head of steam.

For that reason I have decided to switch back and forth between the seen and the unseen!. I sorted and stored all the kids school work from *last* year (kids are homeschooled and the ex is a pain in my rear so I have to keep everything).. It was a BIG job but it does not show. I also bagged up 3 HUGE bags of clothes for donation. Again and no-show. So tonight I am going to move some furniture to make the livingroom more effective and nicer looking. I hope this *seen* thing will boost my spirits to keep up the high mountain of unseen that still needs to be dealt with!


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I actually like to polish silver -- for the same reason. Visible results!! Literally a chance to shine! LOL!!!

Do try a new fresh furniture and accessory arrangement, shift things around, maybe move some artworks, move a lamp or two. Add a bunch of flowers.


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Maddiemom, what a great idea--to alternate between the two.

And you're right, the things like organizing homework, etc., can be a big job, but the end result just isn't very visible. And even if it is, sometimes you're the only one who cares.

Good luck w/ the furniture rearranging.

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Happy birthday, maddiemom! And yes, those obvious fixes are the best. I think thats why I love cleaning windows--instant gratification. Of course it helps that they tilt in now, but I liked it before I got these too.

Also hard to stay motivated during these long stretches of grey weather. But I've been plugging along here and there, and coming back here for inspiration. Its working, by cracky. Enjoy your day. Sandy

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I've been taking the donation boxes and bags every week this month so we're not "showing" the difference either.

Sometimes it helps if I start counting up how much has left the house..

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I love it when all three of my garbage cans are full. They mean that's three bags of stuff I no longer have to deal with inside my house.

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