What style and color garage to go with our 1920s house?

concretenprimrosesMarch 1, 2014

We tore down our very old 2 car garage which unfortunately was set on a very poor foundation. We plan to build a new one this fall. My dh wants to use SIP (structural insulated panels) and get the shell up (on a concrete pad) and then work on the inside over time. It will be 2 car with a small income apartment above. Dh doesn't want a roof line that will dump snow on the driveway. Also ideas about connecting the garage to the house (pergola perhaps) would be helpful.

We also don't have a lot of money and unfortunately we will also have to run a new sewer line to the street. Dh is concerned about the cost of dormers which would make the apartment more spacious imo.

I took these pictures of our house today because I havent retrieved my better pics from my old broken laptop. The front porches are full of construction materials and tools so they don't show the hosue to its best advantage. We are almost done painting including the aluminium siding which is a medium green. Trim is light brown and dark brown with forest green accents.

Here is the front of the house which is west facing. A few years ago we had the footings fixed and copied the original upstairs rail for the downstairs and had new skirts made based on the one remaining original one. The porch skirt rails in the front and the lattice in the back are dark green as well as the exterior muntins of the windows which I mention because its hard to see).

Here is the side (south facing) taken from the street end of the driveway. You can see the house was made from an old barn (moved from another place). There are still some post and beam elements in the attic, and dh found the old manure trap door when he was working on things for the pellet boiler in the cellar.

You see some white corner boards that we haven't painted dark brown yet. We got rid of the little aluminium corners and had these put on to make the house look less like it is sided. Also we tore the front part of the roof off last fall and the bright green you see is the stick and peel membrane that we put on. Back has to be done this spring and metal roof installed.

Then here is looking down the driveway. You can see there is an old pickup truck in the distance sitting where the garage used to be.

We mostly use the back to go in and out of the house. Up and down screened porches back there.
You can look at the link below to see the back. We walk directly from the garage to the back door/porches.

Thank you in advance!


Here is a link that might be useful: Our back porches /entry.

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I just looked at the old link and realized how long this is taking! Dh had a lot of repairs to do as he went around the house, plus he dug down along the foundation and installed blue board and a drainage system. (Mostly dug by hand and except under the back porch which the guys did with the back hoe when they replaced the footings.)

I'm thinking it would be cool to paint the garage one of the trim colors and trim it with the house color?
What think?

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You could certainly use a gambrel roof, turned so the gable end is toward the drive. It looks like this would also make it perpendicular to the house, so they wouldn't be fighting each other. The tricky bit might be to keep it small enough that it is definitely the auxiliary building. What are the proportions of the house?

Be aware that if you put a rental apartment over your garage, the tenants might be awakened if you open the garage doors late at night or early in the morning.

Yes, it could be very pleasing to juxtapose the body and trim colors from the house. Try it out with Photoshop once you have the design of the garage.

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Thank you for your comment. I hadn't thought about the noise of the doors. I'll look into that, and talk to other people who have garages under living space.
I think the house, including the porches must be 50 ft long, and the garage will have to be small, maybe 25 by 25, or a little smaller. Not much living space but we will try to make it very nice.
I'll get exact dimensions from dh and post them.
I'm very eager to have a garage again. You really don't know what you've got til its gone. I am so enjoying the warmth from our pellet boiler, for example, on this minus 10 morning particularly after going without heat this fall in the transition!

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A carport would eliminate the garage door noise but that leaves the car door slams which, as we all know, number 3 times the number of passengers. Actually I had an apt over a 3 car port for a year - no problem. Dog growled when a car pulled in was all.

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I think a car port would be fine in a different climate. We would have lots of snow drifting in here.

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