Hood help. Server a purpose or make a Statement?!?

swan01February 26, 2013

I uploaded our current kitchen design plan. It is almost final and it is time for us to pick out our appliances. Because of an employee discount, we are getting all GE Cafe and a GE Monogram Advantium 120 (under counter in the peninsula). The gas cooktop is 36 inch and to the left of it is a single oven installed under counter. White cabinets and soapstone countertops. For some reason I am really stuck on the hood. Our design currently shows an undercabinet 36 inch stainless hood. Probably the Zephyr Gust. It is $600 and would do the job.


But I really love the look of a barrel hood or maybe a copper hood. Please provide honest opinions about how this idea would fit in our design. If we had a range I think a hood that makes a statement would be more appropriate, but is this just me? Do people put different/fancy hoods above cooktops? If so, thoughts on having a cabinet above it?

I like the copper ones on this website:


Has anyone ordered a hood from Signature Hardware?

Thanks in advance!

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How does the copper relate to the rest of the kitchen? Stainless appliances would seem to make a stainless chimney hood fit better. What about the GE Cafe hood since you get a discount? It would certainly be cheaper. Or a hood insert with a cabinet cover (more money yet).

Cafe Hood

Profile Hood

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I like the idea of a barrel hood, but like live_wire_oak, I wonder if stainless would be a better fit with your finishes than copper. I don't know if Signature Hardware offers them in stainless, but RangeCraft does, and probably others.

Here's a RangeCraft Cantebury hood in stainless:

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This doesn't look like a barrel-hood kinda kitchen to me.

I think the statement hood works better when the range wall is a highly balanced (or even completely symmetrical) elevation , where the range occupies an almost "ceremonial" position.

Your plan is asymmetrical in its essence so I would get something nice looking but functional, or even as LWO said, an insert that fits in a piece of cabinetry that is not necessarily even an obvious "hood".

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I have to agree with palimpsest. I think the "statement" hood might work over one of those beefy cooktops with the big knobs in the front, but with a more "refined" (not sure if that's the word I'm looking for) cooktop, I would prefer a more unobtrusive ventillation option, perhaps hidden in the cabinetry design.

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Love your kitchen design, but agree with the others, barrel hood doesn't look like it fits with the size or style of that kitchen and think stainless would be a better color choice.

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Swan We're thinking of swapping our kitchen woth our dining room and the more i look at your design the more i think something like that would work if we made the swap. Do you have any other threads with more details and views of your remodel and design? If so can you please post the link. If not can you please tell me the length of you range wall, the wall to the left and also the length and width of your peninsula?

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Thanks to everyone for all the honest opinions! Exactly what I needed. We are going to go with a short (7 or 8 inch) stainless plain hood.

island - Can you send me an email through Gardenweb? If so, I can email you a PDF with measurements.

Thanks again!

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