Where to put hooks on door??

robinstJanuary 21, 2010

I love our new three panel shaker doors. However, I want to put hooks on the back of them and can't figure out where is a good place. The ideal spot is where the panel is located, but a screw would go right through the door. If I put them at the top of the door, it is too high and the middle is, well the middle. Any ideas? Should I buy adhesive hooks and save the screw marks? Am I missing something obvious?


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They have some nice over the door hook racks out now in stainless or paint coated. I wouldn't screw into a hollow core door, it simply wouldn't hold. Either use a rack or the adhesive ones. If it were me I'd go for the over the door racks. If you ever want to remove them you won't have to do any patching or touching up

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I'll second a vote for over the door racks with hooks. Whether the issue is hollow core doors which won't hold up or an antique panel door that shouldn't be ruined. the over the door racks are the solution. No installation needed. Just buy them and hang them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Over Door Rack Hooks

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An example of why things shouldn't only be bought for their looks but for how you will use them :-)

There might be some creative woodworking solution if the hook must be at that level for you and an over door hook won't work (they don't on some of my doors). For example, you could put a piece of wood into the recess of the top panel on the inside of the door where you want the hook, screw it in from the other side with decorative screws, and attach the hook to that. Carrying capacity would be limited to the strength of the panel though.

Or, you could put a 1x2 bar across the panel, attaching it above and below it, and put the hook on that. These are a bit hokey, and whether you do them depends on how necessary such a hook is to your quality of life.


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My bathrooms are quite small. Instead of installing the hook on the back of the door, I put the hook on the wall behind the door.

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Where are these doors located? Is this for the front door, to hang heavy coats and umbrellas and such? Or for bathroom doors, for towels and a robe? Or for your bedroom door?

I would not use an over-the-door gizmo. I've used both metal varieties and a lucite version, and even the lucite version's "over-part" was noticeable on the front. I'm sure your 3-panel Shaker doors are really nice-looking; you're just gonna turn them into Shabby Shaker with an over-the-door hanger and ruin the look.

I would use some of the larger 3M Command hooks, which are better than ordinary adhesive hooks because if you follow the instructions on preparing the surface, they will come off easily later on (tho upon removing, to make sure there's no surface damage, you need to pull the little adhesive strip straight down, perfectly straight, not an an angle). They have them in white and in a brushed chrome and a bronzy-looking color, too, I think. Look for them in places including Target and Bed Bath & Beyond.

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I just had hooks installed last week in our new build. We had them installed so that when you open the door, the hook is behind the door.

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