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kittiemomJanuary 23, 2006 a little help. The bottom drawer of my nightstand is fairly large & was full of stuff - bank statements, magazines, junk mail, etc. (Paper is a big problem area for me - hanging my head in shame). I always look over the statements when they come, but I had no home for the current ones, so I kept shoving them in the drawer. A lot of things I found that needed to be shredded were from before I invested in my good shredder (which has made a big difference). I have made several good starts at cleaning it out, but never managed to finish. I was working on it last night & finally decided to ask DH to help. With his assistance, the drawer got completely cleaned out. Now all the papers are in folders, the magazines are in the bookcase, & the trash is gone. Wow, what a great feeling! Now I can put this drawer to good use AND I have a place to put the bank statements, etc. when they come in so I don't need to shove them in the drawer anymore.

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Hoorrraaaayyyyy!!!!!! And cudos to your DH for helping when asked and to you for asking! Now, what are you going to use that drawer for? What things do you use right there sitting on the bed, or before going to sleep, or when you wake up in the night?

For me it is reading material (what I currently read), notepad and pen, box of tissues, hand cream, shocks and pantyhose. I used to keep the piece I cross stitch and the pieces of material I handsew together to make a patchwork pillow there too, but the light is not that good, so I quit trying to sew or crosstitch a little before going to sleep and moved them elsewere, were I don't see and therefore don't remember them... oh well!


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Sorry I turned this into a "what do you keep in your nightstand" thread. Anyway, don't you just love opening and looking into your completely cleaned out drawer? It is energising and I bet it will carry on to other areas as well. Great job!


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Thanks, Maria! That's okay; I was actually trying to decide what to keep in the drawer. I have a small top drawer where I keep my bedtime nececcesities (hand cream & the like. There is an open middle section that I've covered with a small curtain where I keep books & magazines. The bottom drawer is pretty large. My dresser drawers are a little crowded right now with trying to store heavier winter clothes, so I'm thinking of putting pj's in that newly accessible drawer.

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Maria, what are shocks? Surely you don't keep shock absorbers in your nightstand drawer. Or do you?? :-)

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it is funny, isn't it, how we try to do the macho thing, and take care of it ourselves/

Work shared is work halved, and it can be kind of fun.

I like doing things WITH my DH, instead of solo. The closest we've ever felt, was the time we spent every night stripping woodwork or painting. Together.

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