Organizing jewelry while moving

christy2828January 28, 2009

I'm getting ready to move, and will be "in between" houses for about a month or two. I have a large jewelry box with a lot of jewelry in it that I need to transport safely. The rings and earrings I can throw in a box of some sort, or even a plastic bag, but the necklaces I'm not sure what to do with. I don't want them to get tangled. For the things I will wear regularly, I have a small travel case. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for traveling with ALL of their jewelry? Thanks for any suggestions :) Christy

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It takes FOREVER, but the only success that I have with moving chain type jewelry is to buy a package of small zip top bags. Michaels or any craft shop has them...they are about 2" square. I put the CHAIN in the bag and leave the medallion hanging free, then gently zip it up (over the chain). They all go back into my jewelry box which I pad the inside cubbies with small chunks of bubble wrap and then tie shut with an old nylon. I had varied success with cutting small squares of lightweight cardboard. Cut a small slit in both sides of the square. Hook the medallion through one slit, wrap the chain around the card and put the catch through the other slit. It works, but not as well as the plastic baggies IMO. I have moved a LOT of times, can you tell?? LOL

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How about rolling them in a piece of felt or other material?

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You could use shirt cardboard, cut into strips, and wind the necklaces around them. Cut a slit in the edge of the cardboard at the beginning and end of each necklace, and slide the chain into the slit to anchor it (sort of the way the thread is anchored on the edge of a spool of thread).

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For regular chain necklaces and bracelets: plastic straws! Unclasp the chain, thread through the straw, cut the straw to 1/2 the length of the chain and clasp the chain closed. It should have only a little bit of slack. For chains that have big clasps, I'd slice the straw lengthwise, "cradle" the chain inside and then clasp it shut.

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Ooh, I love that plastic straws! I would bet that even if there *were* more slack, that part wouldn't get tangled very easily. There wouldn't be enough length.

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just make sure any of your fine jewelry stays with you...

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