Cracks on the outside stucco of 1939 built house

lamacMarch 13, 2014

There are some cracks in the parts of the front section of the house.

some of the deck seems to have movement ,i am not sure if this is more cosmetic or structural foundation problem possibly.
I had someone look at the bricks on the deck and he said that was more cosmetic.

i want to put in a few pics and maybe someone on here may be able to help me
Thanks in advance

i will be adding the pictures in an hour or two.

by the way this is our first purchase ,we haven't bought it yet but we are inspecting now.

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What direction do the cracks run in, and where are they from? This makes a big difference in deciding structural vs. not.

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I'm not a structural engineer, but if the cracks are indeed cosmetic, it's an easy fix. Minor cracks in the stucco seem as common and unavoidable as cracks in a plaster wall. They are not difficult nor expensive to fix, an easy Saturday afternoon DIY. Buy a bag of stucco mix, mix according to package directions, and be sure to spritz the cracked area with water before applying new stucco--the old stucco will draw the water out of the new stucco and compromise it if you don't. Good luck--I hope it's just a minor thing!

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