X-post: show me your combo craft room/laundry room

susanpnJanuary 2, 2009

I am looking for organizational and layout ideas for making a laundry/craft room. For starters I'd like to accommodate materials and supplies for myscrapbooking, quilting, and kids' art supplies and projects. The washer, dryer and sink will be in a line recessed as in a closet but open to the rest of the room, which will be about 7x 9 feet. I am planning on a wall of counter for workspace with cabinets above and some below but that is pretty generic. If you've got something that works well in your house I would love to see it!


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I don't have a combo craft/laundry room. My laundry is in a closet, and I don't do crafts. Why don't you show us your craft room, and talk about what isn't working for you instead? What do you need help with specifically?

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I don't yet have a room to show! We are building a house and I am just looking for ideas from people who've already done this. There is a new thread about organizing a craft room, and that one could help me too. I will have a relatively small space, approx. 7'x9', and I am looking generally for ideas that might help me decide how I want to organize the space -- put in counters and cabinets, arrange work space, etc. It's just a big blank sheet at this point! I've cross-posted this on the building forum and now that someone has posted about organizing a craft room here I'm sure I will get some ideas. Thanks!

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