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LaurieMarch 14, 2011

I'm having a difficult time deciding what to do about my exterior doors, as I have several which need complete replacement, of varying types.

First, my home is a 1915 Craftsman style - however it has 2 floors. Stucco exterior with a porch on the 2nd floor from one bedroom. There is also a door leading from the living room to an old port coche.

First door that needs replacement is the front door. It had already been replaced by a horrible looking solid core door. Leaks terribly.

Second door is original glass French door leading to the port coche, which also has a security door to the outside in back of it. In bad, bad condition. Glass broken, leaks air also. Need to get rid of the steel security door but; am very concerned about the security aspect as my town is not the best (although also, not the worst). Still would like a French door there, but not sure how to make this as secure as possible.

Third door - side door which is falling apart and does not need to appear "nice" so much. Goes into basement entry, and there is another interior door so you do not see this door from the hallway at all. Must be secure completely.

Fourth door is the detached garage door. Need to be secure but, also needs to look good as the garage is a match to the house.

Fifth door is the French door off of the 2nd bedroom on the 2nd floor. Also in poor condition, does not reach the bottom of the floor, leaks also. Would love to keep this but can't see how considering that it does not meet the floor. Replacement most likely.

Anyway, would like recommendations as to brand(s) - materials best for each situation. The front door is under a covered large porch, so wood is an option (and preferable).

Cost is a consideration. Five doors is a lot!!!

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Start by looking at reuse and recycle places. Have your measurements with you as well as thickness and which side the door hinges to.
Salvage shops can be a great place to find doors.
I've picked up a screen door and two exterior doors in the last few months at one of mine as well as six windows with screens for on my new porch....I spent less than 400 dollars on all of it including tax.
Another thing to do is let your friends know what you are looking for. DH was talking at work about my wanting a door that was period correct. One of the guys he works with had a door his wife wanted gone. We got the door for free and the guy got a happy wife!

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If you want glass in your door but have security concerns, look for hurricane glass. Pella and Marvin doors have it. Maybe Anderson too. They're not cheap, but they're good (the glass is the same regardless of who makes the door). It's designed to resist debris flung around by hurricanes--tree limbs and so on--but it also resists intentional breakage, of course.

You would also want a good deadbolt, too. And preferably one of those three- or five-point locking systems.

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If that one door which is simply too short is otherwise fine, you can have someone add a little bit to the bottom. Then, if you like you can add one of those brass kickplates which would look appropriate with Arts/Crafts style.

My DH has shortened/widened/lengthened/narrowed doors to make them fit, so I know it can be done.

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