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gamecock43March 16, 2009

I bought my first house about a month ago and want to be sure I am correct in it's architecture. Is this a craftsman? I think it is, but I thought craftsman were 1 story with an attic? Or are those specifically "Craftsman bungalows"? The house is from the 1920's but that's all I know about it. There are Victorians on our street and a few other 3 story square buildings like mine with a front porch.

Also...anyone have a recommendation on a good color to paint our front steps? I don't like the teal concrete look and need to get them repoured because they are very uneven. Should I leave it the natural concrete grey, or what other color would look nice? My hubby and I are thinking of repainting the front deck floorboards too...but don't know what color would look good either for the floorboards.

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Now _that's_ a Foursquare. The detailing is a little craftsman-y. The leaded glass is more on the classic revival side. Nice house.

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Very nice! Have you googled Foursquare to get ideas for the steps? If it were my house, I'd probably get rid of the handrail when you re-do the steps, since it was most certainly a later addition and doesn't go with the rest of the house. Maybe also have some masons by to get that paint off your brick. (if that's even possible. they got paint off our stone foundation while they were there repointing, but it was just blobs, not the whole thing. They use some sort of acid wash.)

I'd probably also tone the red down with burgundy instead. Then you could paint the steps burgundy as well.

Congratulations on your new home!

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oh good idea doing Burgandy!! And now I will start looking at four squares online to learn more about them. The red handrail is going in the trash. Cant believe it's still up, I hate it but am so used to it I forgot it's still there! I will look into getting the paint off the brick, but that might be something we decide to keep as we have been doing a lot of interior work and are a bit poor right now.

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Egads, that teal paint is a terrible color for the steps! Great house, tho. I used to live in one just like it. Enjoy it!

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I suspected foursquare, but didn't know for sure. It's a very nice home, looks so solid and substantial as many homes were in that era. Nice leaded glass in the windows and enough detail work to be really interesting.

Don't be too quick to yank out those handrails, unless you have something in mind to replace them with. I bought an investment house a few years back and my insurance company MADE ME put up handrails since there were more than three steps to the next level.

That teal paint? argh. Anything would be better than that.

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These houses often ended up with pipe handrails. The town that I grew up in...there are pictures of these houses with threaded pipe rails going back to when these houses were almost new. So it does have some precedent.

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My parent's home, built in the thirties has threaded pipe rails up the concrete steps of their hillside. I paint it black each spring and actually it looks, like you said, in era with the house and not at all out of place. It's been there almost eighty years and still is substantial and in good shape.

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Beautiful house! I would return to the natural concrete color, not keep it painted at all. Why have upkeep on something that shouldn't need it?

Craftsman houses come in all sizes, from 1 storey bungalows to huge 3 storeys.

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Oh it's gorgeous!! I have a 4 square waiting for me a few states away. Mine has about 2880 sq feet on the two main floors combined and also has three dormers at the attic level. Seeing yours makes me so anxious to go play with it. We won't be moving for a year yet but plan to go there within the next month for a week or so. Mine isn't in as nice condition though.

Have you thought about a hardwood stained look for the porch or even tiles on the porch floor would look gorgeous on that house!

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