Brick fireplace that is already painted

dakota01March 16, 2009

Hello, we just bought a house that has a brick fireplace that has already been painted. It looks like the previous owners might have done some kind of wash w/ the paint b/c you can still see a little of the brick color underneath. I'm painting the room and will have to paint over the brick, as I can't leave it the old color. I don't want to remove the existing paint as I understand it's a very difficult job, and sometime in the next few years we plan to reface the fireplace w/ tile or stone.

My question is, what type of prep work do I need to do for already painted brick? Do I still have to use TSP and prime?


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If it has a lot of caked on soot, you can use some TSP. Just be sure to rinse it and let it dry overnight. If it isn't soiled, you can just vacuum it well.

If you can still see bare surfaces, you should prime first. It will help keep the brick from showing through the top coat.

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