Central Vac in an old house

young-gardenerMarch 6, 2011

Has anyone added central vac to their home? I'm wondering where you found room forthe unit since closets are at a premium in old homes. We have no basement. Thanks!

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Have you had a central vac before?

I'm sure it's all a matter of preference, but I used to clean houses and I only cleaned one with a central vac and I despised that thing. I would have much preferred to lug a regular vacuum all over the house.

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If you have an attached garage, the unit could go there. I've not had one, but I think the piping is pvc--it could be run in chimney chases from floor to floor, or in a stud bay. If you have a crawlspace, the pipes could go there.
Personally, I wouldn't be fond of dragging 30' of hose behind me to vacuum. I'll stick with my 1958 Kirby, and my Royal 1940s hand vac for the stairs. :)

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I currently use a canister vac, but I grew up with central vac. It was the "long hose" variety, but they now have ones that allow you to pull out just the amount you need from the wall. THe problem is that I have no garage for the main unit. The piping wouldn't be a problem really because we're reworking our walls soon and could rough it in then, but I need somewhere to put the motor/filter combo. Our house is small, so two outlets would be plenty.

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The only option I see then, is to place it in a centrally located closet. You will lose space, but it seems you really want one.
If the house is really that small, I don't see the need, unless there is a physical liability which makes a central vac an easier option. Modern vacuums are much lighter now and would probably take up less space than a central unit.

Just occurred to me--if you think a central vac doesn't need to be emptied, you are wrong. :) I'd think it would be a bigger task than a regular vacuum since the container is so much larger.

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When (if) my miele dies I'm getting a backpack hepa unit. I've never used central vac but I imagine backpack would be nearly as convenient, and take up much less space. There's reason all the pro cleaners use backpack vacs.

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