Inventorying sorage tub contents...

Breck724January 13, 2013

Hi all, we store a ton of items in 31 gallon Rubbermaid storage bins. We have these shelved and it works well, but easily finding things inside them is tough. I thought of an idea after we started using the Grocery IQ app. We use the grocery store app on our laptops, i pad and android phone and they all sync to one another. What is cool is, as all our devices are synced with Grocery IQ every entry no matter who does it updates on ever device connected. I was thinking if there was a list or database app similar to this setup, we could number each tub and enter tub contents under that tub number and load to an app that is updated by all devices. Any ideas out there?

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Why don't you sort the tub contents into like items?

All the camping items into one labeled "camping", etc.

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i've started buying only see-through plastic totes. And I write the contents (general category) on the outside in permanent marker. I store the totes in my attic. Nice to be able to see the category and the contents. I'm a very visual person.

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Number the tubs, take a picture of the contents, put on computer. If you add something to the tub, take another picture and delete old one. Works for us.

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