After visiting someone's house do you do this?

nan_arJanuary 3, 2005

Come home and clean?LOL

New years day we went to a gathering at a friend's house>

I had never been there before and it was beautiful. Nice clean and cozy and >>>>>>


But "contained" clutter and knick knack things which after flylady drives me insane to look at because I SEE it for what it is non essential clutter.

She liked it though and I would never had said anything to her about it being clutter-To her its comfort to me though it was clutter.

Although after thinking about it Pre flylady I would have rushed out to buy a bunch of things like that to make my LR cozy like ________'s house.

Her house was very clean though. To be fair she doesn't have children and does not work outside the home and this is a factor at MY home.More people to clean up after and less time to work on it. I am not going to compare myself to her(well maybe a little).

So when we left I came home and had a mini cleaning spurt and did a 14 fling boogie!!

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LOL - sometimes I do, depends on the home. Now that I have a larger house though, I do find myself getting out more of my "knick-knacky" things, simply because I finally have a place for them. And like your friend, I don't have kiddos to worry about, though I do work a 40 hour week, so I do have a little more time than a mom would to take care of things (not that I really get any more done than my "mom" friends, as much as they like to think I do). ;-)

What gets me is obvious clutter. Things on the floor, paper on tables and counters, kid toys laying around...that sort of stuff makes me go home and clean off counters, pick up "stuff", and put the dog bones back in their respective basket (so my dogs can drag them back out again 2 hours later). LOL

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I grew up in a cluttered home which was CLEAN though and looked orderly most of the time. I just assumed that was how a house shoud be -- I never threw anything out; I bought things if I liked them without thinking about whether there was room etc.

Until discovering flylady which happily coincided with my realizing I couldn't deal with the chaos of surroundings, I had never thought about the effort it takes to take care of things -- how much harder it is to keep a house tidy when there are more objects. Not to mention of course, when a house is packed to the gills, accessing objects creates a mess because other objects need to be moved -- thus making it much harder to put things away and keep things tidy.

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Yep...if I liked the house, I go home and see how I can do it whether it's knick-knacky, full of plants, cleaner, starker, or doing it totally opposite so it doesn't look like theirs, etc....but I always end up reverting back to my "easiest" ways....Makes for a boring home.

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Oh, yes! If I visit a clean house, I come home and feel like my house is a mess and start cleaning! This happened often when my children were small. We lived in a small house and always had toys everywhere. I never knew how to be organized (I needed FlyLady years ago!)and it seemed like every house I went to was CLEAN. Now that my children are older, it's easier. (Not perfect, just easier.)


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If I visit a clean house, I go home and clean. If I visit a cluttered or slightly grubby house, I go home and throw stuff out, or clean.

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Well, Talley Sue, good for you, you clean either way!

I tend to throw things out either way: if I visit a cluttered house it makes me antsy and I come home wanting to clear my clutter. If I visit a calm uncluttered zenlike house (like when I cat sit for a friend of mine, his house is incredible), then I come home and want mine to be like that so I throw stuff away.

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LOL Talley Sue. If I were like you, I'd be visiting people's homes all the time just to clean my own home!! :)

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We went visiting on New year's Eve, and the house was very rough looking, but rather tidy and clean. By rough I mean that most of it is in need of painting etc. in a big way.
This made me feel better about my own half finished house and I came home and have been cleaning like there's no tomorrow, and prepping to get more painting done! It's hard for me to believe these people lived in that house for 10 years and have been just letting it go downhill. Now I feel so much better about being here for 6 months and only having half the house done/!

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Gee, I think I need to go clean MY house....!!!

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Yep, I agree with TS. If it's REALLY dirty, I clean, If it's REALLY clean, I come home and clean mine! LOL

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Now I know why my friends never called me for days after coming to vist my old house. They were all cleaning and decluttering their own, vowing it will never get as bad as mine. ;)

Our new house has zones for pretty much anything we want to do. And a zone is a room instead of a TV tray.
Our new house is twice as big--space for everyone, but I spend a fraction of the time cleaning or tidying, and it looks WAY better. That's the kind of efficiency I can live with.

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Sometimes I come home and clean and reorganize after visiting someone's neat and orderly home.

After visiting a home that is very disorderly, I come home, relieved, that I have "systems" in place, etc.

While visiting someone's home, I often mentally rearrange furnture (odd, no?).

I missed the show on HGTV called "Design Remix". Anyone catch it?

Maura :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Design Remix

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No my house is neater & cleaner than most of my friends with the exception of 1 friend whose husband has OCD & demands a spotless house. I'd clean up - get rid of him!


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