Can anyone help identify this glass light bowl?

mcmarshMarch 3, 2012

I found this in the cellar under the house. We believe our house dates to the early 20s (unsure of exact year). Has anyone seen a glass fixture bowl like this before. At first glance it sort of looks art nouveau.

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...and then again it could not be old at all. My husband thinks it is junk and probably 15 years old :)

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Well, the style is right for the '20s. But the paint job is really poorly done. This style shade is being reproduced, but even the modern ones show a little more finesse in the color application. Is it possible someone took a genuine old shade and added the paint?

What does the open end look like? Is the glass there thick or thin? Does it look like a finished edge or like it's been cut?

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It's old....1920's or 30's. And I don't believe it's painted it looks cased to me.

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Yeah, it is not painted. It kind of fades...the blue color. It might be hard to see with this particular picture. I really like it. I'm not so sure that I would like that particular design on a light fixture...but I do like to look at it. Not sure what I can or will do with it.

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My mistake -- perhaps it's the photograph or my monitor, but it honestly looks like someone taped a piece of cardboard around the middle, then lightly spray-painted the top and bottom in blue! The cased glass I've usually seen is not so sharply demarcated and follows the pattern better. But, as I said, it could just be my monitor.

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It's a classical revival-motif shade in a sort of acorn shape ~1905-1935 ish.

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