Know anything about Duravit--Duraceram?

needinfo1February 26, 2013

I found a sink that seems the perfect size for me, but I am leery about the material, a ceramic of sorts. Here is what their website says.

"For years,ceramics from Duravit have also been putting their qualities to the test in the bathroom. And because requirements are even higher in the kitchen, Duravit developers have now come up with a new variant that goes by the name of DuraCeramî " a special mass that features greater impact resistance and robustness.
Robust qualities that make this material predestined for use in the central hub of the kitchen - and ones which Philippe Starck came to appreciate while developing his design."

I see a lot of people use this company for bathroom fixtures, but I can't find anything at all about their kitchen sinks. Thanks.

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No one has heard of this line for kitchen sinks?

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Heard of it and love the look but have no experience. Did you wind up going with it? I know that it has a bigger presence in Europe which is where I first saw it.

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Circus Peanut

We're considering a DuraVit bathroom sink. My experience with it has been in Germany, where the company has an excellent reputation for their bathroom fixtures. I think you can solidly rely on them to back their product.

Have you seen one of the sinks you're considering in person?

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I was lucky and found exactly what I was looking for. So, this is not something I bought.

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We have one of their sinks in the bathroom - gong on 12 years old now - and love it, but no idea about their kitchen line (or if things have changed since 2001)

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