Shelf Dividers for bedroom closets

toomuchwashingJanuary 24, 2008

Has any one tried these? DH piles jeans, etc. on top of wooden closet shelf. Would these work to help control the sloppy piles?

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I do and I think it helps alot.

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I also have some in a spare closet for that very reason
and it keeps the piles (mostly t-shirts/sweatshirts etc.)
neat. I purchased them through the Lillian Vernon Catalog.

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They do help a lot. I bought a few sets, but I'm also not too proud to use clean cardboard cartons turned on their sides to keep things orderly. For example Carlo Rossi cartons (open side out) were the perfect size to store towels and separate sheets by size on linen closet shelves. Sandy

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I bought 18" wide, 15" deep and 9" high wire baskets with 3"high lip in front. I got a super good deal at large grocery store (IN Canada- Super Store). They basically work as shelf dividers, but the bonus is that I can grab the whole basket down as an option. They are also stackable if you have a really big opening. I use them on a very high shelf to store out of season clothes, and can organize them by category. And then we built a wire shelf tower to accommodate these baskets, so I can just switch baskets out each season. These replaced my previous cardboard carton organizers. :>)

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