Looking for a wall mounted charging station

obsessed2009January 18, 2009

Hello, I am new so please forgive me for asking a question that may not apply to this site.

I am desperately trying to locate an item I saw that I sooo want! I saw it at Costco around Christmas time, but I was in a hurry so I didn't grab it (also trying to be frugal) however, I realize that I NEED it! If you know Costco, they often change items out and may or may not ever offer it again.

It was a wall mounted charging station for cell phones, iPods, PDA, etc. with key holders and mail slots, as well as a message board (to write notes and stick grocery lists). It was black and wasn't too big, but, offered everything I need in one place. It was dirt CHEAP ($50) compared to other products that are similiar.

I have not been able to locate it ANYWHERE on the web and have no idea who the manufacturer is and Costco employees claim they don't know anything about it. I have become a bit obsessed with trying to find it and spent hours trying different words to google it. I have a messy and disorganized husband and 3 children under six years old so I need all the organization help I can get! Please help! If you own one or know where I can go to get, please let me know. I'll even buy it off you for double!!! I know, I sound a little crazy ;)

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I bought the one you saw there. I wasn't sure if I was going to definately use it though because I wasn't sure it work with electrical outlet and all. Try Kohls, I saw some wall mounted ones there also.

Here is a link that might be useful: kohls charger

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Thank you so much! I ended up buying it, however, my heart still belongs to the Costco one! How is working out for you? If you decide you don't want it, maybe I can purchase it from you. I know, I'm obsessed!

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Did you try Costco on line?

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I made a charging station of my own, using a small wood, tissue box holder-with cubby hole drawers. Simply drilled some holes through the back of the drawers, to feed the little charging cords through. Then placed near an outlet strip, and it is set up permantly. We have two cats, and needed to conceal the cords.
This could probably by done on any cabinet or furniture drawer, just feed the cords through the back of the cabinet or the drawers.

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Gosh I just went through all this! To find one you will have to Google several different terms as many dealers have different names for them. You are right in that many are way too expensive. I bought mine online from Organization Plus.

Try searching also "charging valet" and just "charger". I saw a few days ago that Home Goods had a lot on their Home Office section.

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I just saw a charging station at our Costco in MI yesterday (Feb 1). If I remember correctly it was either black or a dark stained wood with charging stations along the bottom and maybe a white board above that.

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I thought about purchasing a charging station but recently I've been reading about "vampire (standby) electricity" leaks and how keeping cell phone chargers (amongst many other things!!) continually draws power whether or not they are in the process of charging.

Since our electric rate cap is set to expire in 2010, I'm trying to eliminate most of our wasted standby electricity. I was wondering if anybody knew of a charging station that had some sort of built in surge protector or switches that could turn the current off completely when it's not in use?
I know unplugging the charger cords from the wall would accomplish the same thing, but that would defeat the purpose of using a charging station...and I'm looking to organize and simplify.

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It's easy to make your own charging station from just about anything that's big enough to accommodate all your devices. I made one from a cheapie Walmart tool box that sits in our laundry room on the washer. I love it & we use it daily. The way most people make charging stations, any/all powerstrips are stored inside the unit & there is only one plug into the wall (isn't that one of the two main purposes of having a charging station? The others being that all the cords are stored in one location & out of site.) So yes, I do unplug it when it's not in use. NBD.

Another reason I like the tool box for my charging station is that if I'm busy in the laundry room, it's very convenient to move the tool box to any other location, plug it in & continue charging.
Here are some photos:

Here is a link that might be useful: Other Examples of DIY charging stations

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PS - the reason I have the padlock on there is b/c I kept opening the bottom part of the lid & then the cables would pop out. ;-) I had a spare padlock & this keeps me or my husband from doing that.

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Merimom, I believe that is the one I so desparately want! I wonder why it's in MI, but not CA? I guess I will keep my fingers crossed that Costco will bring it back in my area. Thanx for everybody's input so far!

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I remember reading from one clever gal that she turned one of her kitchen drawers into a recharging station.

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We have a drawer unit inside our laundry closet, which is right at the back door where we come into the house. The drawers are the kind that have gaps above them.....drawer modules for wardrobes. Above the drawer we had several power points installed and with 2 surge protector outlets, we can charge about 8 items at a time. The phones, torches, batteries, cameras etc are all in the drawer, with just the cords snaking out the front, up into the power points. It's wonderful, and nothing can get knocked off, because they're all safely in the drawer. It's neat and hidden away, and yet handy. We were lucky though, because we were building a new house, and had the idea for this before we built. Even when our kids come home to visit, they charge their phones and cameras etc in the "charging drawer" and so we don't have a heap of gadgets cluttering up the bench tops.
I'm kind of amazed that more companies haven't come up with ideas for charging stations, because it seems like every household has endless gadgets that need to be charged nowadays.
Hope you find yours soon
Regards Lily

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I was in Home Goods the other day and saw they had some in their office accessories area. Black, brown, or white.

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I used to have a spot on the kitchen counter in my "office" area where I'd charge things. Worked well for quite a while. However, I don't use it as the office area much anymore. Now I have an outlet strip next to my recliner. The laptop is plugged into it as is the cell charger and I use that outlet strip for my backup drive, a second computer when using it and whatever else. However, I have inline switches so I leave the wall wart plugged into it, but shut off the individual switch to it so it doesn't heat and use vampire loads. This way I also shut off the power to the laptop to exercise the battery occasionally too. And often I just charge the cell & GPS in the vehicle while I'm driving.

Someday I might modify my under-monitor power center for a charging station. There's several different versions:

One type
And another
Yet another

I thought the under monitor one would work well to space things out. Could have a small separator or box for each or use Velcro to hold it in place.

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We're in the midst of a kitchen remodel now, and I just had the electrician install an outlet in our pantry cabinet so we can use one of the drawers for charging everything. I'm excited to get all that junk off the counters.

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