Particle board never looked this good!

mpagmomFebruary 11, 2013

This kitchen is from a few years back, and I've never seen it on here. When I first saw it I thought, "Those shelves look like the Ikea wall shelf I put in my daughter's room." And sure enough, it is! Those are Ikea cabinets holding up the gorgeous slabs of marble. This is an interesting kitchen in a lot of ways - so many ideas. Everybody thinks of staging with lemons and limes, but who thinks of putting them in a $500 porcelain horse bowl? That horse bowl could eat the towel pig for lunch!

I'll link to the pictures and descriptions of more of the house below. The design is by Jonathan Adler.

Here is a link that might be useful: Liz Lange's Westchester house

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I use Ikea cabinets all the time - they look great, are reasonably well built and sturdy, very easy to install, and dirt cheap. Lots of people thought they were pricey European cabinets, especially when obviously high-end handles and knobs are used (or even some of the nicer Ikea cabinet pulls) and when surrounded by fancy appliances and tile. Some Ikea doors are solid wood BTW not covered particle board.

Can't say I care for the lamp, chairs (which look uncomfotable) or the horsey fruit bowl though. And my knees and legs would crash into the bookshelf since the island/table countertop isn't extended over it.

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I'm not bashing Ikea cabinets - they have a lot going for them. I used those same cabinets in my basement kitchenette and loved the fact that I could install them myself and that I could get them that day. The only white cabinet doors that are solid wood right now have a pink tinge to them that isn't that attractive to me so I went for the particle board.

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