Top Knobs finish holding up?

Kek10February 1, 2013

We have found some knobs/pulls we like from Top Knobs, in the Pewter Antique finish. Does anyone have this finish, and how has it held up in your kitchen? I don't know why I am worried about it wearing off, and their "Lifetime Warrenty" does not cover "normal wear & tear." Which I'm sure they would categorize a finsh wearing off after regular use for 5, 10, 15 (or whatever) years.

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Hey Kek10, I have Top Knobs pulls and knobs in antique pewter finish and love the look, more dimensional than straight chrome or nickel. I've had mine for a year and they look brand new. There's only me in the kitchen, so I'm not hard on things. This doesn't look like a finish that will wear off.

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I have the Top Knobs Somerset Weston appliance pulls on my SZ in Antique Pewter. The finish has not held up after 7 yrs. and needs to be replaced. Doubt that it would be covered under warranty. Panels have to be removed to replace.

I think that cabinet pulls and knobs would not get near the wear and tear and would fare much better.

I would not hesitate to get Top Knobs hardware on my cabinets, but would be careful about appliance pulls.

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Thanks linelle & red_lover.

red_lover interesting about your applaince pull. We want appliance pulls and it turns out they are very hard to come by in the lines our KD carries. (I know we don't have to use those.)

I recently saw a fridge w/appliance pull and the finish was worn. I have no idea what brand or how old it was. I will be sure to by add'l ones and expect to replace them at some point I guess.

Any other feedback is welcome, even about another brand. Are appliance pulls usually hard to keep looking good?

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I have Top Knobs for 8 years. I'm not sure of the finish - German bronze maybe. The finish on the fridge pull deteriorated so that I noticed it about a year ago. It is a regular pull (5+inches), not an appliance pull. I'm not in any hurry to remove the panel to replace it. The pulls on the 2 freezer drawers and 2 dishwasher drawers are fine. I am mostly alone in the kitchen and at work all day so I expected it to hold up longer than this. They do look nice and I bought some extras so I guess at some point I will replace it.

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