Closet's the wrong size - help!!!

alberta_roseJanuary 31, 2008

We've built our walk-through closet too small, I guess. It's L-shaped, measuring 5'6"x6'6" and the Ikea closet systems we were looking at don't fit real well. Any ideas? There's no door, just an archway, into this room so we want it to look nice, e.g. lots of hidden storage in drawers, etc. so we can banish a dresser or 2 as well...

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Forget Ikea, there are lots of systems around, and if you or your husband are at all handy, I bet you could do something yourselves - a few plain shelves, a couple of slanted ones for shoes, some cabinets (have you looked into ex- or even new small kitchen ones?), and ask at H. Depot or Lowe's about things like tie-rack sliders, etc. Design your own - just for what you need to stash!

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What do you mean by too small? Is the walkthrough too narrow for shelving on both sides?

Try Closetmaid or Elfa.

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