Jan - organing challenge #1

mommabirdJanuary 10, 2013

I've decided to tackle some organing projects throughout this year. I thought it would be fun to issue a challenge for each.

#1. Match up every pair of socks in your house. Throw away strays.

I did this yesterday. I emptied EVERY sock in the house into the middle of the living room - mine plus 3 kids. I sorted until I'd matched up every pair then put them all away. I had a plastic grocery bag full of strays. Those went into the trash. Some of them were strays I'd saved for five years hoping the mate would show up.

My son said, "Mom, what if the mate shows up after the trash man comes?" I said "Then we'll throw it away, too!" OUT with the clutter!

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I have a great idea for your single socks or holey ones you can't wear anymore. Just use them for dusting or polishing and then throw them out when done.

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I'll look forward to your challenges, mommabird!

I got this one though.....

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Just decluttered my socks last week. I'd placed a sack in my sock basket about 6 MONTHS AGO for the project and decided I'd procrastinated long enough. Took about a half hour and besides getting all pairs matched and inventoried, also generated a sack of socks for our church's homeless ministry. Trashed a lot of pantyhose, too!

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Ha- I'll save a stray a week or so on a shelf above the dryer but if it's mate doesn't show up it's toast. They don't go back to our drawers unless they are matched.

Course there's just me and the hub- if I had three kids I don't know what I'd do!

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When I'm sorting laundry to put it away, I throw any unmatched socks under my bed in one corner. About every 3 months, I match up anything I can and chuck the rest.

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When my kids were little, we did this as a family once a month or so and we called it a 'Sock Party'. ;o)

Great memories!!

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I use stray ones for dusting too! My kids use some to make hand puppets and the rest get thrown away.

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OK, I'll do this one.

I was about to say that it's probably not my most urgent project, but you know what? It probably is!

(However, I don't think I'm going to do my DH's socks--he's on his own. As is DD.)

However, I *will* keep the strays that are part of the collection--I buy a huge collection of socks that are exactly alike.

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Hi there!

Been a GW member a long time, but for some reason I ventured to this forum today. The timing could not have been more perfect!! Socks are taking over the house! I am going to have a "sock party" and get this done once and for all!

Thanks, Mammabird!

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I just got all my house socks organized and in a basket. These are the colorful heavy duty ones you see at Chritmas time I dont wear shoes around the house just these. Next I'm going into the dresser drawers andweed out all the ones I haven't worn for years

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