Wood framed storm windows on 2nd floor?

tealbealMarch 4, 2013

We own a 1885 two story that was extensively remodeled in 1922. Thankfully, not much was changed since then, other than the kitchen.
At some point, probably the 50s or 60s, the wooden storm windows in the kitchen and second floor were replaced with metal screens and storms. While I understand the logic of why the previous owner did this, I really would like to replace them with what was originally there.

My question is about the 2nd floor. Living in Michigan, I love to have the windows open as often as I can. Is there a solution for the 2nd floor that doesn't include switching them out with wood frames screens twice a year?

I know my husband would do it, but it just seems really dangerous to me.

Thanks :)

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Wood storms, with possible screen inserts for the lower light...or, wooden storms which are hinged to open, and allowing you to put adjustable screens in the lower sash opening (the kind which slide side to side from stores).

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Thank you! I never thought of inserts for the lower light only. Then they could be changed from inside.
I like that idea better than having them hinged. We live close to Lake Michigan, so wind can sometimes be an issue.

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Ours are this way the storm covers entire window wood framed the sreens you then take off the storm and the screens wood framed too but just the bottom half of window.

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