Cleared the clutter on my own!!!

iloverpinkosesJanuary 13, 2011

I sorted through years worth of stuff for the last 4 days. I made a lot of progress. I figured it was a new year and I can't keep everything, right? What happened was I got a Kindle for Christmas from DH and a few days agao I bougtht a Kindle e-book on clutter of course! I read only a few chapters of the book and I was SO motivated to get started and sort. I followed the directions in the book because I really was overwhelmed and didn't know where to start, so I started with the part that bothered me the most. Anyway, I'll try to post a pic - but it's a work in progress. I refer back to this e-book to motivate me and plan on tackling more this weekend. I highly recommend it to anyone who is in my situation and needs a helping hand and easy to follow advice. It's like a professional organizer helping me. It's on amazon - kindle book:

"Goodbye Clutter, Hello Simplicity". I am also going to read the follow up to the first book which will then keep my organized! (keep your fingers crossed! LOL!) :)

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Kudos!! I'm sure your progress will be as big of a motivator as the book.

XX'd fingers and thanks for sharing.

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Yay! Do something nice for yourself and post some pictures!

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I have lots of books on cleaning. I'll try the one you recommended!

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Iloverofpinkoses, the kindle is definitely a clutter buster. No more stacks of books on the nightstands.

I downloaded a sample and the book seemed to be about the emotional aspects, almost like a hoarding mentality. There were a few short things about if you don't use it for six months to dispose of the items. Which I think that has to apply to the actual item. Otherwise the Christmas stuff would have to go. LOL!

So I guess what I'm asking does it have practical organizing tips? Or is this more into the reasons people hold on to too much stuff?

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I saw Peter Walsh on Oprah just last week. He suggested you pick up every single item in your home, look at it and ask "Are you helping my vision of my home?" The answer will tell you whether to keep it or toss it. If you keep it, you must find a place for it. (That's my problem-too much stuff, not enough "places".)

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