Would you do Elfa or carpenter for mudroom?

sandlllJanuary 9, 2011

So, I need to install a closet system for my mudroom closet. The closet will also hold the vacuum cleaner, broom, mop, and some bulk storage (paper towels, seltzer etc)... We have 2 young kids, so need low hooks for backpacks/coats, mittens, hats, boots. I like the look of the locker type solutions, but maybe the Elfa wire system is more practical? I am thinking it may be easier to keep cleaner and better for bulk storage, than having a carpenter do solid shelves. WDYT? Does anyone have Elfa in their mudroom closets?

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Do you have someone who can do the carpentry work? I think wooden stuff is nicer to look at, but I've always found finding someone for anything unusual to be the difficult part of projects.

If installing the Elfa system yourself seems worrisome and you're near a Container Store, they can do the installation.

I don't have the full-fledged system, just some stuff in the kitchen but I've been very impressed by the sturdiness of the product.

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Personally I think closet systems are way over priced, but then I can build my own. If you have a way to do that I'd do so.
If you share pictures I'd be happy to give you the basics of what you'd need to build your own. It's really very simple using wood cleats and closet dowels and brackets.

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Check out the Antonius system from Ikea as an alternative to Elfa. We just got it for my son's bedroom closet. They are very inexpensive and have quite a few options. I wasn't completely sold on the wire system so I wanted something that I could re-use in my basement or give away without too much guilt. I already like it so much I am going to put it in my bedroom closet.
The website doesn't present the options very well, the best way to see is to click on the catalog and go to the buying guides at the end. There you can see a page that shows all of the sizes and choices.

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My own personal preference would be wooden shelves rather than open wire. I'm sure the cost would be much more.

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If you hired a finish carpenter it probably wouldn't cost any more than the closet systems. Plus you could end up with exactly what you want to house all your goodies. I would at least get a bid before I made a decision.

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I prefer the carpenter. I agonized over shelves in my last house because I couldn't find what I wanted ready made. I bought a few pieces and then ditched them because they weren't a good fit. I ended up making my own simple shelves. We built this house and had a trim carpenter build shelves. It is so much nicer.

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One advantage to something like Elfa is that you can reconfigure it if it turns out a different shape would be more effective.

How developed are your storage plans? How accurate do you think you are, in terms of what you want to store?

I also think Elfa could be hard to put doors one, and stuff like the vacuum cleaner might be something to store out of sight.

Don't forget that you could do both--you could have a carpenter build part of it (the part you *know* you want), and you could use a closet system in other areas.

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