Are these reasonable prices?

andreadegJanuary 15, 2010

We are just finishing up a bathroom remodel project and I would like to incorporate some storage solutions under our sinks and in our linen cubpoard. I'm hoping I can get some advice on pricing of products.

Is $70 a reasonable price for a roll-out undersink drawer? It's available through Also, I was hoping for something coated in white rubber or the like so that the storage solution isn't so industrial looking.

I also found some acrylic drawer oranizers for approx $4 6 inches by 3 inches by 2 inches) a piece. I would need 15 of them so that starts to rack up in terms of cost.

Any ideas? Or should I just be happy that I found something that works for my space requirements and go with it?

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Home depot has a wooden pull out drawer in 12 and 15 inch widths for $49.99 I would check hardware stores and Ikea before I paid that kind of money. If your husband is at all handy he could build a simple box and buy the roller slides to mount it. Check out dollar stores for your little organizers too.

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Check at Lowe's; they have both white coated wire and chrome pullouts, much less than $70.00 The Container store also has a pretty good selection, but I found Lowe's to be priced the best.


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Thank you both for your feedback. I'm new to making a real attempt at maximizing my storage and, gettin my house more organized. I appreciate your input! I'll check out Home Depot and Lowes for more options. (We don't have an Ikea nearby)

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Go for storage. You'll be very happy with it later on. My favorite kitchen "gadget" is a trash basket that hangs on the inside of the cupboard under the sink. Wonderful to prepare dinner and just throw the garbage/wrappers away without having to take more than a coupke of steps.

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Once you know the right "terms" for what you want, like "roll-out undersink drawer white," plug those phrases into (part of Google). It'll bring up different vendors' products, and you can change the listing's order to "priced low to high" to help.

I always do that when I'm looking for something online, and then I can compare those (when I add shipping costs) to what I see in the neighborhood stores.

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