Need Large Bread Box

peabody1January 20, 2013

I'm hoping someone will have some suggestions. I am looking for a large bread box. We have two loaves of bread and a bunch of bananas sitting on the counter. I can't take it anymore. My husband will not let me put them in the pantry. So I'm hoping to find a bread box to hide them in. Suggestions?

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I store bread in the oven.

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The oven would be a good big storage area, but with our luck we would forget and turn it on and smoke the house up.

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My MIL did that... with a bakery box!

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If you google "wooden bread box" you will see lots of options. Know anyone who does decorative painting? They can add whatever you want to the outside.

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It only takes once to remember that the oven is also storage. Going forward it's not a problem. At least that is my experience!

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Never a good idea to store food in the oven--even if you do remember to empty it, who wants to do that a couple of times a day. And what if someone else in the household (or a guest) doesn't realize it's being used as a spare cupboard?

Does your husband do the majority of the cooking? If so, he gets a vote on where you store food--if you do most of the cooking and clean-up? Then for heavens sake, put the bread in the pantry. That makes the most sense, after all, if you have the space there.

As to a bread box? I have a feeling that even if you get one, your husband won't bother to use it. Could be wrong, but if he doesn't want to walk a few extra steps to the pantry.....

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