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Maura63January 11, 2007

We are not drinkers, and don't have much -- but the holidays left us with more liquor in the house than usual.

We have a wine rack for our wine.

Wondering where to store a few extra bottles of scotch, etc.

While I'm not (at this point) concerned with my own kids (15/13), with teens (and their friends) it is prudent to have a "lead us not into temptation" policy so I don't want to leave this exposed in the dining room.

Top shelf of a closet? Inside a china cabinet? Toss it altogether?

Where do you keep your stash?

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Before I finally pitched all of the bottles we had, I kept them on the dead space sides of the corner cabinet which had the lazy susan. Those back corners aren't good for much of anything you want on a regular basis.

I've never figured out why people are always giving us booze. We don't drink hardly ever. I finally realized all I had to do was say thank you and pour the stuff out, but we never even offer alcohol to guests, so it seems an odd hostess gift to me.


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When it gets really cold out I mix up orange or other juices, cinnamon stix, spices and heat it up with whatever liquour is opened. That is usually a leftover bottle of wine, maybe peach shnapps. I wouldn't do it with scotch of course. Heating burns off most of the alcohol but it seems like a nice fireside drink late at night during the winter, especially if you have a cold.
If I am microwaving asparagus I might add 2 tablespoons of sherry to the water. I use leftover bourbon in BBQ sauce maybe 1/2 cup ; by the time you boil the sauce and then put it over the spareribs, there isn't much alcohol left but it cuts the sweet taste. My husband adds dried red peppers to a bottle of sherry, lets it sit a week or two; and a tablespoon or two of that in a frittata or omelet will curl your hair.
I have a recipe for 2 lbs. of chicken wings that you boil with 1/2 cup water 1/2 cup soy sauce and 1/2 cup sake, bourbon or gin and 2 T of brown sugar, 1 tsp 5 spice blend, a piece of ginger; Cook it slowly and that gives you a terayaki glaze thats amazing. The wings cook in the liquid and gradually it boils off leaving the glaze. You can skip the 5 spice blend if you can't find it.
We do have leftovers of other liquour because I don't think people drink as much as they used to. Bottled water sparkling and plain was surprisingly popular at our last party.

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When we were younger we never drank except for occasional parties. So we never kept liquor in the house - and I had a wet bar in that house. Now that we are older we are actually drinking. I like my cocktail every evening before dinner. Or wine with dinner. Relaxes me after a long day at work and I sleep like a baby. We store everything in an antique refrigerator. When I have grandkids we'll have a lock installed.

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If you want them safe from visiting teens (or your own kids if they happen to have a brain spasm), only a lock will really work. All the places the bottles fit, they'll find--over the fridge, under the sink, beside the stove, in the corner cabinet. And if they're the kind to take a drink, they'll look for it even if you hide it.

I finally got smart and tossed a bunch of booze because we just don't drink that much of it. Rum, a little. Vodka from the freezer, sometimes.

Fortunately people don't give it to us, and we don't have parties anymore for which people might bring a bottle as a contribution, and leave it behind.

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My in-laws passed away within a year of each other,and when we cleaned out their house we found about a dozen unopened bottles of liquor. Including some expensive Drambuie. All of it was no good to drink. One bottle had an advertising label with a six-digit phone number, which would have been the 1950's. When I say no good, I mean it was partly or totally evaporated, whatever was left looked very dark. I've heard of hundred-year-old bottles of wine being sold at auctions, but I would just dump it out. Or use in cooking. I liked those suggestions,above.

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We aren't big drinker BUT we always seem to have at least a few bottles of something in the house. My solution was to put everything in a old trunk with a lock on it.
We had three teens in the house at one time and their friends wandering about. I didn't want anyone thinking cause it wasn't locked up that it was free for the taking.
Nice thing about the trunk was it was out of sight out of mind. EVEN my kids eventually forgot what was in the trunk.

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We never had any problem with the kids drinking, but when we remodeled this year, we discovered that one of the workers had been drinking everything but the vanilla extract and putting water in the bottles. I only discovered it because I was making my first ever martini with really terrific olives with onions and anchovies in. After I had three of those my husband said "wait a minute--you don't drink much--how come you can handle three of those?" He tasted it and discovered the watered down vodka. then we checked and other bottles had been watered. We just threw everything out.

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Marge -- I had a similar experience, but they weren't as sneaky. After we had tile installed in our kitchen, I noticed that an old bottle of liquor in the pantry was empty.

This will sound crazy, but I tried to use vodka as a de-icer on my driveway this week. I know it has a low freezing point, because so many people store vodka in the freezer. I've kept it for years for guests, but have considered throwing it out many times to make room for my own vices (food).

In case you're did make a little slush. I don't think vodka will catch on as a de-icer, though. You'd need a whole lot of it to be effective.

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Our liquor supply is kept at the bottom of the pantry cupboard BUT -- with the OP's original concerns about "hidden storage" -- perhaps if the bottles were stashed in a box -- and put it in your own closet or in the bottom of the linen closet -- maybe marked "cleaning supplies"????

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Cook with it!

Vodka in tomato sauce and a little cream is wonderful on pasta
Brandy or Rum is a wonderful addition to chocolate cake

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