opinion about tile choice, please

amjsMarch 10, 2009

hi, we have a house built in 1905, picture here. we have renovated our kitchen using white subway tile as the backspash, seen here. now we are redoing a fireplace surround and i've looked at my neighbor's house for inspiration on something that will look somewhat original and they have subway tile--which i love the look of but i'm worried that if i use more white subway tile here, and then if i end up using it again in the bathroom, it's going to look bland or be too much? i like the idea of a neutral tile because we'd like to sell in a year or so and neutral always goes over well...here is the

. thoughts? opinions, please? thanks! amj.

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I love your house! It is a gem!
I don't think that I would use white tile with the white fireplace surround. Subway tile can come in lots of colors and finishes though. I don't think subway tile as a size/shape of tile would be too much, I just wouldn't use white. Also, square 4x4 tile was often used on fireplaces. I would look at colors like dark charcoal grey. I wonder if they make small sized soapstone tile? Maybe matte or crackle finishes. Neutral is not always white. Look at your house trim and roof, look at your kitchen cabs and counter. White fireplace with darker neutral tiles would fit right into the scheme, IMHO.
Good luck and let us know what you do! -Kim

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thanks for the compliments--we love the house too. if only it was in a different city!! :)

i never thought of charcoal grey but i love that idea...i feel kind of silly for not thinking of it...:) what a great idea. i'm so glad i asked!

thank you!

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They definitely have soapstone tiles - I saw them at my soapstone place the day before yesterday. ;-) I think soapstone tiles would be perfect and blend with the age/rest of the decor.

You could also do some decorative hand made tiles, something with textured design, in a color other than white. There are some beautiful crackle tiles out there.

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Can you use slate as tile around a fireplace? I think that would look beautiful!! I do love soapstone, but I also think marble would look great as well...


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thanks for the great ideas! i'm definitely going to check into the soapstone or slate tiles--i'm loving the idea of that look but we're about at the very end of our budget so i will have to see what's affordable--even though it is such a small area. (we weren't really planning on doing it right now...)

all the ideas are much appreciated!

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I also like slate and it comes in several colors, not just the gray you think of. We have the greenish blue on our foyer floyer and it's great. I found it at a place that sells it in random pieces that fit together, which saves you the cutting. Not sure if that's the look you want for your fireplace, but it works well on the floor. Believe it or not we actually found it was cheaper to buy it online and ship it than pay our local tile shop's prices, so it does pay to shop around.

Here is a link that might be useful: Camara slate

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