Is this a Tudor Revival?

tjt78March 9, 2011

My house was built in 1940. Apparently the man who built it did it all himself and lived here until he died in the 1990's. I was told it's a Tudor Revival. Is that what it is?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Ok..I'm figuring things out now. :)

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first, nice house! the porch roof is definitely tudor-style, but the house overall lacks to many elements to be called tudor revival. half-timbering, arching elements in the windows, and a more "old english cottage" look. the red horizontal bricks what put it over the top for not really being a tudor.

so what is it? i would say a colonial cape cod with tudor influence. it looks post war to me with what i think are standard sized doors and windows.

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It is definitely 1940. I do know that. But the doors and windows are standard sized.

I didn't think it really looked like a Tudor Revival when I do image searches. It's much more "plain" than anything I find. It is a cape cod. We don't have the sloped ceilings upstairs, just lower ceilings. The closest run the length of the bedrooms upstairs and the ceilings in them are sloped. There are a TON of closets and storage space in this house.

I've gotten a little information from the older neighbors who have lived here forever. I was told the garage was built later, that the garage used to be in the basement and accessed from the back.

All windows are original and he added storm windows one by one as he could afford them.

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somehow i didn't see your first post where you gave the date, i was just guessing in my post. 1940 makes sense for sure.

Wrap-around underslung garages are common around here in house from say 1930-1950. The detached garage is very nice!

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The style is called English Cottage in the biz.

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Cute house! I've always thought that the garage/driveway going down under the house seemed so weird. I've never actually been in a house that had that though. Much better, I think, to have a nice detached garage like yours. You are so lucky to have "TONS of storage", especially since the house doesn't look large. How many square feet is it? [Sorry, I'm not contributing at all to the "what style is my house" question!] :-) -Kim

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We've been told that a sure clue as to the approximate era of a house back in the 1st 1/2 of the 1900s is the depth of the eaves. Because building materials were in tight supply during WWII, eaves of homes built in the late war period are non-existant skinny. Your age estimate matches that perfectly.

The inside looks like many bungalows near us but the exterior is definitely cottage.

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English Cottage. Thank you!!! :)

We actually have 1,700 square feet, not counting the basement. It's very deceptive from the outside. We almost didn't even look at it when we were looking at houses for that very reason. First floor has living room, dining room, kitchen, one bedroom and a full bath. Second floor is two bedrooms, 1/2 bath and what was listed as a "sewing room" which is a little room off our bedroom. The upstairs bedrooms are around 10x10 and I think 12x10. The closets run the entire length of the bedrooms. Plus, we have another small closet in our bedroom AND a big storage closet off the sewing room. Hallway upstairs has a cedar closet and another small closet. The stairs go up about 10 stairs, landing with a window, then turn and go up 3 more. On that landing is a tiny storage thing at the floor...about a foot high, but pretty deep. I have NO idea what that little things is for!!! I use it to store birthday decorations and Easter baskets. haha!

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Does that little storage thing back up to your bathtub? If so, it's the access door to get to the plumbing should, god forbid, you ever need repairs!

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english cottage and tudor are basically the same thing. i still think it is missing too many key elements of those styles to be considered either (rounded door, half-timbers, or even some stucco - not saying you need all three, but without one of the three it is a hard sell).

i'm sticking with tudor inspired cape cod (although the lack of dormers makes me want to simply call it "transitional").

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tjt78's not near the tub. The tub is downstairs. It is underneath the upstairs 1/2 bath. But not really in a spot to access anything. I'm wondering if they guy just wanted to make use of every possible nook and cranny.

My poor house just doesn't have an identity!

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TJ, where in the US are you?

This style is very common in the Cleveland area. It looks like a cape cod (or what we call a "bungalow" around here) with a tudor-inspired front gable.

Agree with civ-fan - a tudor or cottage style house would generally at least have some stucco, a rounded front door, and/or cross beams.

My Mom's house is a tudor revival style, it was built in 1929, I believe. It is 1444 sq. ft. I believe tudor revivals were more common in the 20's and early 30's, not sure though.

btw civ fan - Civ 5 is way better, than IV, sorry!

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Hi, cjt

There are houses in our neighborhood that look exactly like yours. I've always liked the way they look. Does the house have a foyer? You are lucky if it does. Mine was built in 1938. My LR looks a lot like yours (small windows on either side of the fireplace) but the fireplace is on a long wall and there is no foyer. We also have a sloped second story ceiling and small eaves which we use for storage.

Compared to your house, our closets are tiny!

krycek, I've seen this style of house from the east coast to the midwest.

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Dammit, krycek--I don't want to spend money on Civ V--I read up on it, and it sounded not worth it--now I have to wonder! :)
I have I-IV, and the board game, which introduced me to it!

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i had NO idea there was a Civ board game...some fan! I have to be careful with Civ IV. I fire it up and next thing I know i've been sitting in front of the computer for 20 hours straight and my eyes are bloodshot, i'm hungry, delirious, and my wife is yelling at me!

TJT78 - NOT TRUE about your house not having an identity! It is a transitional style very indicative of late 30s early 40s housing. There are many architectural periods where it is hard to nail down a single style on a house. It is sort of like saying something is a "rock" song. There is pure rock, but most is a little different.

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Sorry...I forgot to check back here!

We are north of Dayton, OH. There are a lot of similar looking homes in the Oakwood area, but not really many around here.

I do have a small entry. Probably like 6 x 4 or so. With a huge closet. And there's a safe in the closet that I finally figured out how to open! :)

I have to say, I was growing a bit tired of this house until I found this forum. Reading about old houses and learning a bit about mine has made me love it a little more. :)

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