I'm half way through my organizing/decluttering list

marie26January 11, 2007

It's the easier items on my list of 32 that I'm completed with. I broke everything down into specific jobs. For instance, in each bathroom, I put drawers as 1 item and under the sink as another item.

My favorite accomplishment so far is how I organized the linen closet. We had purchased 3 good sheet sets in the past couple of years and of course I saved all the zippered plastic bags they came in (lol). I used these bags for the following: dining room linens, extra pillowcases, sheets for company, extra soft floor mats and extra comforters. I keep my daily sheet sets in their corresponding pillow cases. It's so nice to finally have an organized cupboard. I also found brand new towels in there that I'd forgotten I'd purchased.

In my bathroom, I had full drawers that I had organized last year. Now, there are 2 half-full drawers and 1 3/4-full. I finally threw away items that I hadn't used in years. One had already been replaced. I figure if I need them again, I'll go and buy them.

I started a new system for my store receipts. I read this tip in a magazine a couple of weeks ago and I might have read the same hint on this forum but I really can't remember.

I purchased a 13-section plastic expanding file. I labeled each section by stores that I frequent all the time and others by type of store. I also included a section for medical questions as well as a To Do section.

My walk-in closet that I've refused to do since DH made a mess of it with the wires (those darn wires) really does need to be done. I'm going to move those wires to the library which is our extra room that holds our bookcases, a recliner and 2 chairs with an end table. We hardly ever go in there so it makes much more sense to put the bins of wires in there. On my list, I've put wires as one item and the closet as another item.

Out of the 16 places left to organize, 6 have to do with different sections of papers to go through. I want to weed out and get rid of the excess. The garage and the tools in the garage (2 items on the list) will have to wait until it's not the 20 below with wind chill that we have here today. It'll probably get done in the spring.

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That list sounds like a great tool

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I guess most people have a way to organize thoughts on what to do next. My way is obviously not working too well. I do keep lists, and more lists, and more lists - at least 5 notebooks or scratch pads full of things to do. Some of the tasks are two to ten years old. Am I a procrastinator? Of course. However, some things just fall off the list all by themselves (!), apparently losing importance. (Luckily I do the same thing with my list of things to buy, letting the list sit in my purse until I decide I don't need that stuff.)

I can see that I should put everything in one notebook, but does anyone have a system to rate the jobs according to importance, or how fast they should be done, or what? Just making lists doesn't get things done, and, really, neither does Flylady, unless some action is taken. My lengthy lists are too overwhelming, but maybe condensing the lists will make them seem more possible. Do the rest of you rate your jobs? (And how?)

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I made my list by making each item into a simple task. I could easily have written bathrooms as one task but that turned into 4 items: each bathrooms drawers and each one's under the sink. But my house needs decluttering more than organizing this year. That's why this is working for me now.

Last year, however, when I did my organizing for the first time in many years, my list had items such as computer stuff, stationery, maps, my personal papers, etc. I first picked an area for each item to be in. Then I went around the house and garage and searched out the item from the list that I was working on.

I could never get into prioritizing. I just sat down one day and made a list of all the places (or items) that needed attention. Then I numbered them. I just pick at random an item from the list and do it. In my mind, I know which jobs are larger than others and pick one depending on what else I have to do that particular day. I find that giving myself, for example, 2 hours to finish a job puts pressure on me. Sometimes that 2 hours turns into 1 hour and other times, it can be 4. Then I put a check mark next to it once it's done. In my mind they're all important so one doesn't need to be the first. Well, that's not quite true. In the past, I've had company coming for supper and I made sure my pantry and fridge were presentable.

Sometimes, I end up doing items I'd forgotten to put on my list. Then I just add them to the bottom of the list after they're done and check it off.

No matter which list I've made, it never took much longer than 10 or 20 minutes to do the list and it all fit on one piece of paper.

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I found a 'system" that seems to work for me. I've been doing it since December. Write your "to do" items on post-it sticky notes. (I got the super-sticky square ones.) Line them up on a sheet of notebook paper. As they get done, either tear them up or move them to another sheet of paper to do tomorrow. Some chores need to be done repeatedly, some only once. It gives me a good feeling to see my scraps of paper organized and declining. I don't group them in order of priority. And once something is a habit with me, I no longer need the note. For example, I have been shining my sink and cleaning out the cat litter box without fail. But there's still a note to call my credit union to close out an old account with $40 left in it.

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I started this "system" the first of the year. I picked up the cutest little notebook at the container store. It's called 4NoteBook by Miquelrius. Spiral bound, black cover, pages are 3.5" w x 4.25" h, 100 pages. This little book fits perfect in my purse. The best part is that it's divided into 4 color coded sections of 25 pages. Here's how I'm using each section.
1) blue - to buy and/or project lists: 1 page per store or project listing what's needed to be bought (I do not include grocery store, I have a separate computer list for that).
2) red - places and thoughts: I've started a resstaurant list page for quick reference with favorite menu items if I want to order out on my way home from work, I've also written some funny quotes and thoughts.
3) gray - measurements: (love this one!) I have one room per page and I've listed window sizes as well as drawer sizes, dining room chairs and table sizes, Misc. measurements like air filter, lightbulb styles in case I run across a good sale I'll know what size to buy.
4) green - TO DO: I'm starting from the back of the book and working in with this section. One side of a page per week (25 pages/50 weeks).

Here is a link that might be useful: Miquelrius 4

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I also use a system like jannie's but with the smaller Post-its, for to-do's especially weekends or a "vacation" day. I like being able to keep or move them--fits my organizing ADD--and I often like to do this on paper rather than on Palm and there is something I like about having them all there, and is easy to add or remove at any time. With the tiny notes, you can line up several columns on a sheet of paper (chore, errand, garden, fun/personal..etc) and choose ones to do, or rearrange by priority.

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When I do create a list, I do two columns: urgent today, and sometime pretty soon.

After I've crossed stuff out, I rewrite a new list when I think the paper's too messy.

I pretty much only do short-term lists--like, the weekend, or for the week my mom was in town.

My theory is, if it doesn't occur to me, it must not be THAT important!
This is not 100% true, but mostly enough to work.

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