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oldbat2beFebruary 13, 2013

Continuing from earlier thread, linked. I've decided the 48" is too wide, so on to next plan (36", centered).

Here's what I have:

Latest thoughts, would welcome input:

Regarding keeping the wall: My key goal is to finish this fridge/sink area. I cannot add a panel to the left and keep my current fridge (not enough room to open the door, due to depth of wall on right).

All - please let me know your thoughts on my latest idea here. Am I moving in the right direction?

1) Move wall over 4.5 inches, but reduce it from 36" deep to 25.5 (or whatever required).

2) Add 4.5" filler panel on left side, so that fridge is evenly centered.

3) Fridge: is 36" over under in SS

4) Optionally, pull out fridge, panel and walls out ~4". Wall on right side will now be 29.5 (vs. current 36). Door clearance is OK on island.

5) On left side, add very shallow cabinet, possibly with open shelves. Inset door if add doors. Cabinet could butt up against left side of fridge (i.e., cut through fridge cabinet to maximize depth of shallow cabinet.

Straight on:

From left:

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to earlier thread on Sub Zero Pro 48

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What would look best, at least imo, is probably not easily doable since you already have counters. The best look would be to take down the wall, move the fridge over a bit so that the window has some space on the fridge side (equal or at least close to that on the left) and panel the fridge with simple cabinets (no distracting glass or triple doors) straight to the ceiling. You have a lovely kitchen with the wall but I would not add more drywall; it is too modern looking, it crowds the window, and is very hefty looking.

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Love your kitchen and that you guys are fellow DIY's
I agree that the fridge is the elephant in your kitchen
Here's what might work; as much as I dont like counter depth friges (not as much Sq Ft) try a 42"centered on the wall. Lose the drywall divider wall it does nothing for your space. Trim out with THIN cabinetry trim around fridge no cabinet on top or sides. Keep it simple. Dont try to make the Bfst nook a separate entity. So what if the lovely window isnt centered since you've removed the wall. Paint the nook wall the same color as your kitchen and it becomes as one.
This may help unsquinch the window fridge area as the glaring issue IMHO is the scrunched in fridge look.

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Ok I looked again and do you have any likes dislikes about a built in breakfast table? It would look so good in your space and if you do a built in fridge centered on that wall, the fridge cab could be the side for the bench.
I do think that even if you do a 36" regular fridge the sides should be thin 2" cabinetry sides and not drywall. And the fridge should be centered and not hugging up the sink area.
I love your big island but my eye wants the fridge moved to the right for balance.

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I see a switch and an outlet on that wall, facing the dining area. So if you were to do away with the wall in favor of a simple panel, you'd have to find a way to deal with those. Also, will your fridge be stainless, or panelled? If stainless, then it will have a bit of a modern look to it, regardless. I don't know that it would be incredibly jarring to do the two drywall walls. But I did find a photo that sort of combines it all. Small wood panels flanking the fridge, but a built wall on one side. That would let you soften the look, but keep the functionality of the built wall (switch and outlet) It would also eliminate the cost of a panel to cover that side of the fridge.

Here is a link that might be useful: wood and drywall

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Sorry but I don't like the 4.5" filler on the sink side - it crowds and towers over the window too much.

Would you consider adding a base cab height filler and getting a small piece of your countertop material to top it (I know, another seam) OR bringing the filler up past counter height - maybe to the height of the window sill, or event 6-10" above - and topping it with a different material to make a little display shelf? Maybe wood painted your trim or cab color, butcherblock, stainless like your range run, or some of that gorgeous backsplash tile?

Either way, I'd then cut back the existing stub wall instead of pulling the fridge forward.

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Oldbat - I was going to post on the other thread and then saw you started a new one. I really feel that a paneled refrigerator looks too much like a big box without other cabinetry next to it. I think a stainless steel with a dark glass door like Bee would be fabuous. It has interest with the window and I feel looks better than cabinetry framed fridge.

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You're just going to crowd both windows, and add a giant monolith in the middle of the room. I agree that paneled fridges look best when surrounded by other cabinetry, which you do not have

Just buy a fridge that looks better as a freestanding piece and doesn't need to go to the ceiling. A Smeg. A Big Chill. Something with glass. That's all you need.

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Just a suggestion, but how about taking out the wall.
Put a panel up the left side of the fridge and then do a wrap around book shelf with cookery books on the kitchen side and whatever you like on the dining side.

My thought it to achieve a built in look rather than having the fridge floating, but not to add too much bulk.

Anyway, just a suggestion and I always love the warmth books bring to a room.

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I've been following this thread, and didn't have much too input, but just saw this link. Look at her fridge run - similar to what you are thinking of doing, with the breakfast eating area right next to fridge.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jenny_from_the_block similar idea

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No matter what you do it still looks like a big fridge. And that's okay! Its a kitchen, there's supposed to be a fridge in there. I would personally go unapologetically with the 48" and put it to work for me, and I still think the paneled version with cabs to ceiling looked nice.

The drywall stub wall is nice too, but I'm not quite understanding strong attachment some have to it. I could see if it was separating the kitchen from a formal room, but it's an informal eating area and I think it looks great with or without a stub wall. Just my opinion.

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