Cell Phone Clutter

Melissa HouserJanuary 3, 2010

I'm not talking about clutter ON one's cell phone. I'm talking about cell phones and accessories themselves. Because I use my cell phone constantly for business, I have a tendency to beat them up. However, I have mixed feelings about getting rid of them.

On occassion, I've had to revert to an old cell phone while a new one is being repaired, not to mention that my teenager has used old phones when he's killed one of his.

So my question is this: How do you store old cell phones and their accessorie? In the boxes they came in (which I do keep)? In some other manner, like zip lock bags? Is there a good way to dispose of them where your personal information isn't vulnerable to some stranger?

Do you have a time line for getting rid of old phones? Should I keep the old ones for other users?

If it makes any difference, I'm on AT&T which uses SIM cards to store information, but the phones themselves hold information as well. I'm thinking things like phone numbers and email information for contacts. I'd hate for any of that to be available to someone if I donated the phone.

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We have some spares, stored in zip-lock bags with their chargers.

I don't worry about personal info, because I keep the phone numbers stored on the memory card instead of "in the phone" (the phone's separate non-removable memory). When I remove it, the info comes with.

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Melissa Houser

AT&T phones are supposed to work with the memory card as well, but it's not 100% foolproof. I switched from a Blackberry to the iPhone last year but can still pull up numbers and email addresses on the Blackberry even without the SIM card in the phone. :(

I think the spares are nice to have, but don't think I need to keep every cell phone I've ever owned. Maybe I should take them into the store and see if they can wipe the memory on the ones I'd like to I don't want to keep.

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If I am saving it, I keep everything in a plastic bag.

You can sometimes give away the battery or accessories on freecycle or the craigslist cell phone forum.

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Pull the memory card, and donate them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Phones for Soldiers

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I sometimess see a box in my public library, asking for donations of old cell phones, with their charges, for battered women. This seems to be legitimate. I know one of my DDs currently has 2 oll Sidekick model phones in her closet. She went to AT&T and got an Iphone. That'S her business.

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