Kitchen Layout and Functionality?

rosskaFebruary 28, 2013

Below is a link to our house plans. We are working to finalize these plans and would greatly appreciate any feedback on the functionality of our kitchen.

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Link is missing!

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Thank you Angie! I was wondering why I had not seen any responses in my email. Here is the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rosska Plans

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Maybe this will help.

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Do you have a close up of the kitchen? From what I am seeing it looks like you have a huge empty space in the middle of it.. surely there must be an island there, but I don't see it.

Is that the fridge against the wall with the stairs?

From what I can see.. I would put the fridge to the right of the range (as laid out on the picture), then put an island with a prep sink on the right side of it in front of that run. You can have a seating overhang (15" minimum) on the top, and possibly right, end of that island. I would then put a cabinetry pantry plus a snack or beverage center against the wall with the stairs, maybe with an under-counter beverage fridge to keep people from walking through your prep zone to get to the main fridge. I would put dish storage in the left-most cabinet in the island or in the cabinetry between the sink and range.

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Here is a better image. To the right of the kitchen is a walk through pantry its just not labeled. There is a raised ceiling with beams and underneath it is a curved island.

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Swap the fridge withe the cleanup area. If you want, add a tall pantry cabinet on the opposite corner of the range to mirror the fridge.

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Obviously this will be an attractive open space, and you have plenty of room to arrange things efficiently.

I like the walk through pantry. I would consider either not having a door on the kitchen side, or, better, having a sliding door, so the shelves are not blocked everytime the door is open.

As it is, some problems occur to me.

1. The only reason I can see for the big curved island is that you will be eating there, probably breakfast and lunch?

But the most logical prep space is on the island across from the range. However, is that also a dining space? Will you be having some meals there? If so, do you want to have all the mess of meal preparation on the same ''table''?

If you do not prep there, the only other prep space is the tiny space between cleanup sink and range. Hardly two feet wide. Not a good idea either.

2. As Marcolo indicated, it makes sense to put the cleanup sink, dishwasher, and dish storage closer to the dining room. As it is, every dirty dish has to be carried all the way across the kitchen, and there not a lot of storage space on that wall for clean dishes, which again will have to be carried all the way back across the kitchen to the DR.

3. What do you envision happening on the cabinets to the right of the range? I cannot see that area used for preparation or for cleanup since there is no sink adjacent. The cleanup area is crammed into the area over the dishwasher and between the sink and range.

4. What will happen with the large area under the curved part of the island? If open, that will be a pain to clean. If closed, it will difficult to access.

With the above considerations, here are some ideas that might be useful to you.

I know people are used to putting the cleanup sink at a window, but in your case, I think there is a lot to say for putting it where Marcolo suggested.

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