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apoemJanuary 18, 2005

So we had a challenge from Last Tuesday to today-

Who could take out the most bags of 'stuff' out of their house in the week.

I think I managed six total.

Anyone else? Check in how did you do?

I have a small (not hand me down) gift for the winner.


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Since last Tuesday...I got rid of the following (didn't all fit in a bag):

2 video shelving units
Approx 110 videos
1 shadow box shelf
1 multi picture picture frame
4 southwestern pictures
1 sand/water table
1 child's picnic table
1 micro cart
1 car seat
1 bag each: stuff animals/dog & cat stuff/craft stuff/misc stuff
2 large fake trees
1 aquarium
Huge box moving boxes
5 rolls insulation
Frog bathroom set
1 suitcase
1 christmas tree
Most on Sat and Sunday

Freecycled it, sent it to Thrift store and sold it!

YES!!!!!!!!!! I feel GOOD!

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I cleared out our sun room and got rid of a small maple kitchen table, nine plastic laundry baskets, an old area rug, many toys, and lots of dirt. And I tossed my dried up Christmas tree with the lights still on it!

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i'm not telling

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I spent two entire days in my DDs room. I hauled out 6 full trash bags of clothes that were too small (or will be when summer rolls around again). AND, sadly enough, 3 full trash bags of TRASH and junk! She is 6 and a creative little mess maker who likes to keep every little thing she has ever cut and glued. We are both much happier with her room clean. We can actually find clothes for school now instead of hunting every morning!

Now, I have moved on to my bedroom. So far, 2 full bags of clothing. Still going though.....I'd like to be able to find MY clothes in the morning also! LOL!

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Congratulations!! I know you all feel terrific about your accomplishments!

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I lost count. I've gone thru tons of old paperwork & tossed lots of it. Also got rid of various small junk & some old, empty boxes.


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Wow! Good for you.
Well I have a small something for everyone. IF you want it drop me an email with your address. It really isn't big but it isn't second hand either. It will hopefully just be a small something you will use and get out of your house! LOL.


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I see I'm too late for the challenge but I have sure gotten rid of a lot of pure junk. I have been decluttering my house. I have been working in my bedroom but did skip to the hall/laundry area yesterday & also the kitchen table which is a big catch all area. I didn't get rid of any big items YET but a lot of not needed stuff & sadly some of my late husbands things that I couldn't use. Most of his clothes were left in Alaska where he died this summer while on vacation there. The rest will be donated to the church to be put in storage. When they get enough they will be sent to Guiana (sp) Several Churches of Christ in this area work together on this project. One thing I cleaned out were caps. When he bought this farm (before me)he ordered caps with the farm name on them. All are well worn. He only wore one after we were married. I am saving that one & the others are in the trash. When he got where he could no longer work the farm all but one acre where I am was sold to his late wife's daughter (his stepdaughter next door) The farm went from Glenwood Acres to BearCreek Horses. Getting rid of his belonging is not an easy job. I have had to do that four times (two were sons) & it doesn't get any easier.
My husband liked to buy Oil lamps & books off E-bay so I have lots of empty boxes around. Lot of them were broke down this week & trashed. When I get to the back bedroom there will be many more. I have lots of books & oil lamps to do something with if I move.

This forum has really given me inspiration to get the clutter out & many idea how to improve the organization of what is left.
Thanks everyone,

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Wow, how did I miss this?

Everyone did really well - I think . . . Talley Sue - do tell ;-)

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well, I didn't really do anything--that's what I didn't want to tell. Except. this weekend, I finally did.

There was a mover's box full of stuff that had been packed up for the kitchen remodel. This weekend I either tossed it, stashed it, or donated it!!


Now I've been working on this big catch-all basket from DD's room--some stuff I'm just throwing out, and others I'm trying to figure out how much to keep, and how to keep it. I don't really want to ask DD until the VERY end, bcs she'll want to keep it ALL.

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