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rabbit8January 23, 2005

I need a place to put my socks, stocking, and hair rollers/ scarves. Any idea where these item can be placed. I purchased some plastic box like containers from The Dollar General. I was thinking about placing them in each container. Think this is a good idea? Thanks in advance for your help.

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There are a zillion ways to organize your clothing items depending on what is available.

Once you put the stuff in boxes, where are you planning to put the boxes --- you see where this is going don't you? :) :)

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here are a couple of ideas for you:

*back of a door, w/ shoe pockets
(remember that you can cut down shoe pockets and put them on the back of the bathroom vanity door w/ a staple gun, if you're not a renter)

*in a drawer, divided among:
-long skinny boxes designed for holding socks, etc.--they come in lots of materials and designs, from the very cheap folding plastic (but tough enough, most of 'em), to the very fancy wood or cloth-covered
clear plastic, $8 for 2
(I know Martha had ones at Kmart that were cheap; I got those, and they work great
beechwood, $9 each

-honeycomb setup
(container store shows it in their Elfa drawer, but it's not Elfa)--32 compartments, $8; I have this on my kid's drawer to hold rolled-up T-shirts; you can cut it to fit, or leave off parts if it's too long.

The long sock boxes are kind of nice, but stuff does fall over in them. I actually use two of them just to keep stuff that's NOT socks from sliding around, and to keep it in a front-to-back shape, so I can reach it easily.

My personal vote for stuff you use often is drawers, not boxes. If you don't have room for these things in your regular dresses (or don't have a regular dresser), I personally would get one of those sets of plastic (or cardboard) drawers, like a mini dresser.

Or, see if you can find a used dresser to put these in.

Beyond that, i'm not sure how much help we can be, since we can't see your house.

You might give us a bit more info about your problem, including why you're not able to use the predictable storage solution (the dresser drawers).

Also, hair rollers/scarves--they're used together? Where do you take them out and put them in? They might go in a plastic box in the bathroom, if that's where you use them.

Or, if you put your hair up in rollers while sitting at the kitchen or DR table (my mom used to; it meant she could sit down, plus she had a place she would set the stuff, since there was no table-like area in the bathroom), maybe you should stash them there. Even though it seems an odd place to keep hair stuff, it might be much more efficient, and maybe you can find space there that doesn't exist in the bedroom or bathroom. (feel free to get a really nice looking box for that stuff--it doesn't HAVE to be plastic)

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I have had my stockings in a little plastic bag in the master bath, that hangs on a hook for AGES (WAY before I ever started frequenting this forum). I just realized that I was going to the closet, getting the nylons, and going back in the bathroom to finish dressing (I usually have clothes hung out the night before).

Here's what used to happen. I'd go from bathroom to closet, grab a pair of nylons, back to bathroom, oh shoot there's a snag or a tear, go back to closet find another pair, etc etc.

It isn't glamorous or cutesy-Martha-Stewart, my little bag; but it sure has worked for years.

Moral: Keep it simple and in a location where it makes sense in your morning routines.

If you use plastic boxes, I recommend either see-thru or labeled.

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I purchased a 5-drawer wicker shelving unit that I got on sale. I liked the piece and bought it on a whim. Anyways, I ended up putting it in my walk-in closet and it holds all my socks, undies, etc. It's easier for me than going to a drawer in the bedroom and then to the closet to get my clothes.

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another idea, if you've got space in the bottom of your closet; those plastic stacking bins or baskets (basically, a plastic version of Marie26's wicker unit). Stuff doesn't fall out of them easily.

There are solid-sided versions, too. Might be really good for undie and socks.

Here is a link that might be useful: stacking baskets from Stacks and Stacks

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