How did you choose paint for cabinets?

maggie530February 4, 2013

Hi everyone, I am getting ready to order my kitchen cabinets. We are using Dutch Haus out of Sarasota, based on their work for another Gardenwebber. I can't believe her name escapes me this morning, but thank you to her!

Here are my questions:
1) How do you choose which white to paint them? Do you find your countertop first and try to match a color to it?

2) Our cabinets will go to the ceiling with crown. The kitchen is open directly (no dividing wall) to other rooms. Does that mean that the kitchen cabinets, crown on the kitchen cabinets, and crown in the other rooms all have to be the same color? If not, how would you transition the two different color crowns?

Thank you :)

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I'd start the paint color search with your fixed elements. So that is probably the floor, then I'd consider other elements that you know you want to use. For instance our floor was existing but the first thing we picked out was a backsplash that we absolutely fell in love with (I don't think this is the usual order of things). Then I backtracked and picked out a white that worked with our floors and the backsplash. If you have your heart set on particular counters, then that would be a good element to use.

I'm sorry I can't be of help with your second question. Decisions like that are why I'm sometimes happen that we don't have an open concept house. I guess I would try to keep the crown all the same and perhaps that will drive your color choice a bit more.

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Thanks. I have read through dozens of GW discussions on the "right white" but I feel like with walnut floors I need a warmer white and with the countertop we're leaning toward - Calcutta Macaubus I need a cooler white.

I think I need to pick my slab and match the paint to that.

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