Kitchen Decor - Help? - what's on your counter?

parsuziJanuary 19, 2010

What do you have on your kitchen counter? Before the remodel, we only had about 4 square feet of counter space (no room for even the essentials) . I have room for stuff now!

Honestly, I prefer a clean look, but I think SOMETHING on the counter (other than the toaster/ knife block next to stove and coffee pot next to the sink) would be fine.

These are in-progress pictures, but I think you will get the idea.

Any ideas?

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Although my kitchen is much smaller than your gorgeous kitchen -- here's my prep area .... I like to group oils, vinegars and herbs, kosher salt etc. on antique baskets etc. Also love to add additonal small lamp .... nice for nighttime or parties ....

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

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I have a crock of tools next to the stove, along with oil containers and wine, a Boos cutting board next to the sink, and Le Creuset canisters,whose simple lines I like, on the longest run of counter. I don't like a lot of things on the counter, but I like the things I use a lot to be quickly accessible.

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I'm all for functional art in a kitchen. So I have beautiful pottery bowls from all over the globe with fresh produce in them, the kitchen aid mixer (art to my eye), an Italian potter plate with oils, salt cellar, etc...clear glass canisters of rice, grains, pastas, coffee, sugar, etc....

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I try to get attractive appliances like my red Dualit toaster. Had a red FrancisFrancis espresso machine for years but it bit the dust last month. The new one doesn't look bad, but it isn't red. :(

Like Pirula, I consider my KA (cobalt blue) to be sculptural. I've got a few plants this time of year and a pretty French olive oil bottle by the stove. Oh, and an Alessi fruit bowl that looks like red coral.

Everything has to be functional.

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Thank you for posting this. I was wondering the same thing yesterday. I would also love to see pics of everyone's counter decor.

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I have...a pile of DH's "stuff" (really need to move that off there), an assortment of lightbulbs in boxes, cookbooks overflow, a jar full of utensils (wood spoons, etc.), a lazy Susan with oils, salts, etc., canisters, a coffee maker, a cutting board, stuff around the sink (soap, etc.), a large comport full of vegetables.

Then there is all the stuff on the island....2 cats sleeping or surfing for snacks, a plant or two (or four), tax stuff, mail for the last week, Christmas gifts that need to be mailed (really).

You asked.

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Gosh, I remember that feeling myself, so clearly! We had our kitchen redone three years ago and all that new counter space was wonderful, empty . . . but I hated to clutter it up too much.
Here's what I have on mine at the moment:
This is at the corner where my counter under the windows meets the new eating & prep peninsula. The phone is also right there, hence the cup of pencils & pens. I repainted the old clock from it's original blue. The face opens out and the shelves there hold coffee cups. The drawers hold tape, etc. It's a working dec.

I love art of all kinds and so I just propped up this small watercolor painting on the counter in the bar area.
It' small enough to still leave plenty of room to mix drinks there.

In the middle of my longest counter here, I have a cookbook holder and a Storyteller statue. I took this pic before we'd received our travertine outlet covers. I do use the cookbook holder a lot, so it's a working dec ;^D

Another working dec: my DD made me this black pitcher in art class to use in our new kitchen. My future little Martha Stewart, she already knows about "pops of black" in a room. I have a thing for sunflowers and loved my pitcher, but the thing weighs a ton! It's perfect, though, for holding my most used kitchen utensils. On the other side of the cooktop is our coffeemaker.

I have this big triangular area behind my sink. If I didn't already have a pendant light on a rheostat hanging above this area, I'd have a lamp back there. Instead, I have a Talavara platter, a statue and a candle. It looks crowded, but it's just the way I've (unfortunately) taken the pic.

So, my suggestions are: some pieces of art &/or pottery. Heck, a great card in a 5x7" easel-back frame would be perfect! Use your favorite cookbook for a dec. A pot of flowers is always cheery, too. Repurpose a vase or pitcher to hold your utensils.

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That sunflower pot is awesome!

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My granite is busy, so I used single items. These are "4" seperate counters I'm showing.
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holleygarden Zone 8, East Texas

I have a small fruit bowl, a lamp, and a tiny tv on one small counter, canister sets, bowl with utensils in it (love the black one above - mine is green asparagus shaped), and a spoon rest on one counter, and cookbooks on the other counter. It's not only decorative, but highly functional.

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In our kitchen we have a coffee maker (sadly not a color), bowls with garlic/shallots/onions and fruit, utensils and oils/vinegars, salt cellar, plants, projects and who knows what else. The sandyponder household doesn't do sleek well.

In the pantry we have toaster (red!), breadbox, a metal thing with utensils, toaster oven and canisters (which contain tea bags).

I'm far too messy to have art, lamps or anything that isn't bullet proof, and washable, on the counters.

Pantry (a mostly finished room):

Kitchen (finished? Ehh, not so much):

Note the topless range and the lovely 2 x 4's holding up the counters next to the range, someday we'll have cabs there:


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There is space above the items. They're not hitting the cabinet. Angle.

Not the counter but still decoration.
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So glad this thread is here as I have a display dilemma, probably going to have an appliance garage built so I can de-clutter and then just decorate the counters. I love how some folks have lamps...and what do people do with laptops in the kitchen?

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Well, it's not "decor" exactly, but are you a dishwasher-only person? Do you ever use a dishrack? That'll take up some space.

I also have a cobalt blue breadbox on the counter.

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I have a terrarium on my island (temporarily) - this one is huge but I could see a smaller version near your sink. There are so many cool shapes of clear glass footed bowls and you could add a layer of colored glass at the bottom. It's a nice winter project. This one doesn't need much sunlight.

It's tough to get a good pic of this:

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Oh, I love plants in the kitchen!

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My kit.

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I'm glad to see appliances on your countertops! I, too, have my appliances (and a plant!) on the counter. As a person who cooks, I've never understood why people put away heavy appliances if they use them frequently.

I don't think of the counters as things that need "decorating." It is a workroom. My kitchen is small and beautiful....and functional! If I had to pull out and put away my stuff after using it, I wouldn't cook much.

Here is a good tip: I put all my heavy appliances (KA mixer, toaster, coffee pot, food processor) on cheap plastic cutting mats cut to the shape of the appliance. The mats cost about 3 for $5, are easy to clean, invisible, and make sliding the appliances on the counter a breeze. I also use the mats on the ironing board in my sewing room, but that's another matter. Those mats are the best cheap invention I use.


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I have my stainless steel toaster oven, Keurig coffee maker and a can opener in plain sight on my counter tops. My mixer (that I use very seldom) is counter-top, but tucked away behind a platter on an easel. It fits perfectly in the corner.

sherrmann - Where do you find these mats, and I am curious how you use them with an ironing board. :)

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We all have such a different AMOUNT of counter space, so it's hard to generalize. I don't have room for things that are purely decorative, except for a couple of knick-nacks on the windowsill above the sink, but try to have my functional things be attractive. Like amysrq, I like red and other bright colors. It's always a struggle not to have too much out, things can get too cluttered to work. Currently: to the left of the sink I have a drainboard and a fruit bowl; to the right of the sink is the coffee maker, knife block, and a stack of cutting boards on edge. Next to the cooktop is a ceramic countersaver, salt and peppermills, oil can, and then the microwave. Next to that is the espresso maker, toaster, and a crock full of utensils. Probably more than I should have out but it's all used on a daily basis. The fruit bowl is always out but the vessel changes with the season: a sled basket at Christmas, a wire chicken at Easter, a watermelon-looking bowl in the summer, currently an attractive white ceramic bowl. The kitchen window looks into the adjacent den, and I found the perfect art object to hang in it: a two-sided rustic painted metal sun face, with a face on each side.

I do have shelf space for purely decorative things, but really need to remember to clean them more often than I do. Kitchens can get greasy, especially if you do a lot of sauteeing. I have a big collection of cobalt blue glassware, and I like copper and brass accents.

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We no longer have kids at home so since our kitchen remodel so we only bring the small appliances out when needed. There is a relaxing water fountain way over on the right but it nearly blends in with the backsplash. I like things to get lost in the backsplash it seems.


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Newhomebuilder, the mats are available in my grocery store, as well as BedBat&Beyond, and, I suppose, places like walmart, kmart, Target. I pay about $5 for a 3-pack. Sometimes the pack has three colors, other times they are just white. I also use them, intact, as extra cutting boards in the kitchen, just as they are intended to be used.

In the sewing room, I use them when I'm pinning things. I cut one to the shape of the narrow end of the ironing board for when I'm pinning sleeves or other narrow places, and use one flat in the middle for pinning everything else. They make a firm surface so the pins don't go into the ironing board, and the ironing board is higher than the table, making pinning a littler easier on my back.


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Thanks Sherry, I'll have to go look for them. I don't leave my appliances plugged in, so I am constantly pulling the appliances out to plug up.

jodi_in_so_calif - I love your kitchen and your spice shelf. Could you share where you found that? I am getting tired of digging through my spices every time I need one. Worse, is buying a duplicate when I thought I was out.

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I can't take clutter on my countertops. I love to cook, and need space to do so. No appliances on our countertops. I only occasionally use a large mixer, for most things my hand mixer does the job. We are not coffee drinkers, so no coffee pot. We don't use an electric can-opener or toaster oven, etc. We do use a toaster, GF grill, that type of thing at times, but those are easy to store and lightweight. On the very end counter, which is somewhat out of my workspace, we have a small flatscreen tv. We usually have the news on in the mornings and I play cds on it often. On the other counters I only have things like a large antique crock which holds utensils, a transferware platter displayed on a easel, a phone, a small lamp. On the counter between the stove and fridge I have a basket of napkins, a medium size old advertising tin (which holds doggie treats) and and old tin cup in which I keep a candle. So, not alot of things but some are definitely more decorative.


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Toaster, coffee maker, knife block, and a plant. That's it. I don't want anything on my counters that I don't use to cook, but every room needs a plant.

On shelves in the kitchen, I have fruitbowls (multiple, we eat a lot of fruit!)

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I have a couple of plants, fresh flowers, my 30-year-old knife block, seasonings and utensils I use daily, tea canisters and tea, depression glass, toaster oven, coffee maker, hubby's espresso machine which he uses daily to make lattes for us.

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TV, coffee pot, toaster,container w/ cooking utensils by the cooktop, knife holder, fruit bowl, candles, flowers or green plant, usually my cell phone. right now, lots of dishes!! Cabinets are in process, so dishes are everywhere.

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Newhomebuilder, our spice rack is from Olde Thompson but I bought it at Costco for about $30.

I don't see it any longer on their site but have seen it fairly recently at Costco.

You might find something you like better on the Olde Thompson web site.


Here is a link that might be useful: Olde Thompson

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Butter dish.

Dish rack and toaster.

A teapot, and the cutting boards most of the time.


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How have a missed this thread......I just took new pictures yesterday, so that was good timing. Guess I need to take close-up shots next. It's fun to see what everyone does in their kitchens!

I have to go with Tina on this one. I dislike countertop clutter in my home. Since the kitchen is open to the great room, I like it to be less kitchen like.

I purchased the etchings on either side of the hood to put in a lower level bedroom, but decided I liked them here. One is of deer and the other dogs, which has my island paint color in it, so they tie in nicely...and we have three dogs and the deer visit us nightly. The dogs let us know! ;D I propped another etching on the coffee station. The small dog silhouette I had just purchased, and he has been moved downstairs to DS guest room.

I pulled the island color to the two countertops with the large plates. The wooden box that holds cooking utensils is a vintage ale box from Ireland. Next to it I have German clay whiskey bottles. Next to those I have a antique metal sheep bank.

I recently purchased the wooden mortar and pestle set from Anthropologie. I like the softness of wood against the granite. I bought a small, vintage breadboard and keep it under the oil jar most of the time (DH tends to let it drip, so I don't like sitting it directly on the honed granite). Plan on finding a larger, vintage breadboard to prop behind that area. Also bought a pair of island color horse S&P shakers at Anthropologie, which tie in since we live in a horse community.

Here is a link that might be useful: my kitchen

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Put me in the less-is-more category which is just as well since I have just a VERY short run of counter. I do have a bit more space with a granite-top island opposite the counter. The orange bowl on top of the microwave cabinet isn't usually there, just moved off the island to make way for a Christmas poinsettia and hasn't returned yet...just in case you're thinking what I thought, why so much orange on one end of the counter? That's one of my Haeger ashtrays repurposed as a spoon rest.

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Some colorful accents, including a 4th Mary Naylor plate (to match the 3 on the wall).

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marita40, is your toaster vintage? I like it a lot!

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Hi catkin, no it's not vintage. I bought it @ 5-6 years ago, probably at someplace like Target or Penneys. It says Cuisineart Classic Style Electronic on the front.

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This is interesting to me because I thought that I was in the "less is more" category, and I think the kitchens that have less clutter are beautiful and magazine ready. However, I am drawn to the equally beautiful kitchens here that have lots of stuff on them: trays holding coffee items, coffee machines, cook books, lamps, toaster ovens, ect. strewn all over the place in addition to the beautiful accessories. I'm finding that THOSE kitchens look so much more homey, like a kitchen you can visit with a friend in and have coffee and breakfast. I was planning to purchase a microwave to install over my range for more counter top space, so I have more open room. But this thread has changed my mind. I still want the over the range microwave only now so that I can fill the new spot with a lamp, cookbooks, and a plant!

Has anyone else had a change of heart about their kitchen?

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Joanie38, I'd have to say looking at the pictures you probably would describe as "magazine ready" are not like that 24/7/365. I'll use mine as an example, but considering they are on an online magazine I wouldn't have the current accessories --> cat bowl or the stacks of Corporate statements ready to go to the accountant - in the photos. But I do have a lamp, propped artwork and plants in my counters along with other things picked up at local antique stores. I designed a table in my walk-in pantry for the microwave and toaster so that I could see these collected things instead of appliances, which are easily accessible.

fwiw, I've never been a bowl of fruit on the counter gal (keep it in the fridge), or peppers floating in a jar gal. It's just not me. I did have cookbooks out at our last house - on the microwave shelf minus the appliance.

But what is me, is having friends over for coffee and cake or family for the holidays. When you have loved ones in a room, it's instantly homey.

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To me, your kitchen it one that is unforgettable. I remember seeing it a year or so ago and for some reason it just hit a chord with me. Besides being warm, cozy & homey it almost feels like entering another time, with all the modern conveniences!

Thanks for describing some of the accessories on the counter. You don't know how often I've stared at them and tried to figure out what they were!

Did I say I much I love it!

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Here's mine. I don't have a lot of counter space so I try to keep it minimal. But, I think empty counters look like no one lives there.

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On the L-shaped portion of my counter I have my toaster and coffee maker, which get daily use, a bread box and a ceramic spoon rest. I also have my dish rack out during the day, as I rarely use my DW, but I have been trying really hard to empty it and put it away after dinner each night. There is also some sort of piney looking plant in a pot which my SIL gave me for Xmas, but I should have that killed off in no time :)

My island has the small cutting board that I use on a regular basis, as well as a larger wooden cutting board that I can't bring myself to use. DD says when I finally knock it off and it puts another dent in the floor, not to cry to her, but anyway...

The counter at the end of my frig/pantry run it the junk counter. That is where the mail, keys, DS's mouthgard, etc all reside.

I know it probably sounds like a mess to many of you, but compared to how it was in our old house, it's really uncluttered.

Totally Confused

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Sorriso, where did you get your cabinets? I love them and have a rental condo that needs a new kitchen before it is sold.

Joanie, if I had a change of heart and started to really populate our counters, my husband would go nuts. I'm a clean freak, but he's a neat freak. Can't leave anything out or laying around without driving him crazy.

At Christmas my daughter was craving hot chocolate. We had one pack left. She poured the contents into her cup and stepped out of the kitchen to wait for the water to boil. Hubby was emptying the dishwasher, saw daughter's cup on the counter, turned it upside down and put it back into the cupboard. It wasn't until five minutes later when I went in to pour the hot water in daughter's cup that I felt an odd sensation on my socked feet. I look down and there, on the floor, right in front of the stove, is the contents of our one and only pack of chocolate. Hubby never even noticed the powder in the cup or on the floor. Oh did I mention he needs glasses too? LOL


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Jodi, those are Norcraft cabinets purchased through the now defunct The company was the subject of a lot of posts on the kitchen forum, but we had a positive experience with them. Evidently things went bad for them soon after we purchased. They are cherry wood, natural finish, Concord door style.

See the cabinet over the microwave? My husband built that! I totally forgot to order a microwave cabinet and I posted to the kitchen forum for inspiration pictures help. Anyways, we had to have a few cabinets replaced because they didn't transport well--they were really poorly packaged--and the company didn't want them back. So that cabinet box was a three drawer unit, turned on its side, had a little bit of surgery and the drawer fronts were fiddled with/cut down and glued together to create one new door. Voila, problem solved!

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Unfortunately sometimes its this:

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amylville---that is PRICELESS!! How very sweet!!! I love greyhounds, they'd get away with anything with me!!

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Sorriso, thanks for the info on your cabinets, they are just beautiful! I do remember the whole post. It was a very convoluted affair as I recall.

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That photo is hysterical, Amylville! I've got to send that one to DD2. One of the vets she works for works with the local greyhound rescue group. They have over 40 surgeries coming up on retired greyhounds. So sad! Anyway, she'll love it.

Thank you, Annz. That was so nice to see this evening. I've been gone all afternoon shopping with DD2 for her new home. After reading my post, it sounds a bit defensive. Didn't mean for it to be. I was just trying to explain those types of pictures or way of keeping house. fwiw, my home feels more "homey" to me in person than it does in pictures. The wall color tends to wash to white in photos. It's a warm white, not cold, but looks white white in many photos. Really irritating! lol I also don't go around moving furniture before taking pictures of say the great room, so they hardly end up looking magazine ready as I don't pull chairs up to where no one can walk between chair and coffee table, like in many magazine shots. At this moment, DH has his feet on the coffee table while reading - lamp shade tilted so he can see better, one cat is on back of the chair by the FP, I've tossed a pillow on the floor and magazines are scattered on the table. I won't be taking pictures! lol

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Amylville, you gave me the best laugh I've had in months! That is one great picture! Thanks for sharing.

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And I thought cats were bad about jumping on the counter tops. lol

I posted a pic of my dog on my bathroom counter top (in the BM Putnam Ivory thread) but she has never tried to get on the kitchen counter. What was your dog after and how in the world did you capture that shot!

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Oh newhomebuilder I have had many an opportunuty to capture that shot. Actually he is an Italian Greyhound. He is also blind. It goes to show you that a dogs #1 sense is their nose.

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OMG...I am laughing my head off...that is hysterical!!! Guess he didn't get a treat for that...I say slap a chef hat on him and sign him up for cooking classes.

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amylville, that picture is priceless! sorriso, I would love to see more pictures of your kitchen, especially what molding you used to finish the top of your cabinets. Also, if you don't mind me asking, what make are your appliances?

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No dogs on my counters! How funny ... mostly appliances ..

Though the garden window has "things"..

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arapaho, here are a few pictures of the moulding which also was purchased from Norcraft. As you can see, the sides of the cabinets are not finished. Once we were able to move back into the kitchen--two years ago!--our DIY project slowed to just picking away at it. Just last weekend my husband did the apron trim under the windows. I certainly wanted to be able to post our kitchen but wanted to wait until it was just a little more done. I'll give it an objective eye this weekend and see if I can force myself to commit it to the internet:)

We mistakenly placed the cabinets too high, forgetting we had the trim. Not only did DH have to rip the trim down he had to do it at an angle to account for this very crooked house and the very crooked ceiling. It looks fine but I was sooooo mad at me for the placement. I just knew it seemed too high, but at least it's not claustrophobic at my counter area! You can see the difference when you look at the two ends. There was a LOT that got ripped off.

The appliances are all GE, purchased from a local store in their scratch and dent room because that's what the budget allowed.

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The two things I love in my kitchen are:
a large 16*18*2 butcher block cutting board (not used for meat) from Bed Bath and Beyond for around $50.
a two tiered fruit holder that I got from Hobby Lobby for around $30

I also have my Kitchenaid, knives (would rather these were in a drawer, but little kiddos in the house) and a mini-cuisinart blender thing(used all the time for mincing/blending small quantites)
I also have 2 canisters with sugar and flour, 3 decorative house things my MIL got me from gardeners dot com, a decorative rooster from Hobby Lobby and a decorative wood box with a rooster from Tuesday Morning.

I think that if you have the space, go with half practical and the other half more decorative. Also, look at Hobby Lobby right now, cause they have a lot of accessory pieces in the clearance after the holidays.

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SJT2900 - love your cannisters. Where did you get them? Thanks

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OK, does anybody have this? (pic 1) or this? (pic 2)??????????

Pic #1 was taken by my DS who wanted "proof" that his sister left the kitchen a mess! Somehow even the valance fell down!!

Pic #2 is my thirsty kitty!

Sorry, couldn't resist after that GREAT dog pic!

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

What great pictures! I love to see everyone's kitchen from the grand to the messy.
I tend to only have functional but aesthetically pleasing items: a red glazed planter full of whisks only, a cool looking cd player (yep!) 3 tiered plate stand full of vegetables, a big rustic wooden bowl and a canister for tea bags.
No appliances, spices, oils or doo-dads.

Lots of room to cook!

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I also prefer a clean, spare look. But when I started adding things to the counter I think the kitchen really came alive!

We have a plate, glass canisters and a white ceramic vase.

We had some clementines and a "Sucre" (Sugar) and "Farine" (flour) canisters. I have sort of a French theme going on.

Williams Sonoma grapefruit hand wash and lotion for another pop of pink.

On either side of the cooktop we have a grey oil cruet, acrylic pepper mill, and utensil canister with Provence on it.

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Redroze - love the platter and glass canisters! Are they antique or new?

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Parsuzi - Thanks! They're both new, but I tend to choose things with the antique look. The platter design is called Golden Gardens by Villeroy and Boch, and the glass canisters are from a kitchen store.

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Thanks so much for this forum! It is VERY helpful! I am having the same problem with our home... plus, I'm having a hard time determing what to put on my backsplash. Any suggestions?

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