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missouri1March 25, 2009

We just officially paid off our old house (money pit) yesterday. We should be able to go out in the next week or two and get a little started on the outside in the way of down tree limbs and a total mess. I'll get photo's and I can post them if anyone is feeling bad about their own house LOL. I don't have a lower bathroom or kitchen or even downstairs interior walls up right now. Well the framework is still there but it's a skeleton. There is also a huge mess because it was in mid project phase and the prior owners had an emergency and had to leave it. Now I'm getting nervous...

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congrats!!! No really :) heh heh, but I was so disapointed not to see pics. I love to see old homes that are saved by loving new families :) Please share your journey, start to finish with us!!!!!

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Oh I will be taking lots of photo's. They will be for the open minded only lol.

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I can't wait to see the pics! I'm sure you've already seen that this place is full of support, advice and ideas =D

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I'm excited for you! You're also in pretty safe territory showing pics of just framework and 'need to dos' since any of us who have renovated old homes don't actually see the what's in the picture. We see in our minds what it can look like and no two of us will have the same interpretation. LOL.

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There isn't an old home owner who isn't open minded!!

Congrats! What does it feel like?

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Oh well I'd have to say it feels Scary right about now. It was more of a concept before and now it's a committment lol. I love to work on things really but I hope hubby will be ok with it all.

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I love old houses 'in the raw'; can't wait to see the pics! Congratulations on your new love affair - enjoy the adventure.

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