Is my house a from a catalog/pattern book?

alexcpMarch 18, 2010

I donâÂÂt think youâÂÂll know the answer, but I live north of Boston in a brick late Victorian house. It was built from 1896 to 1899. According to my parents, a real estate agent said it was from a pattern book, and I want to know if it was or not. I will upload a photo when I figure out how, but for now, hereâÂÂs a description.

Exterior Details:

⢠Brick, kind of plain for a Victorian

⢠Bay windows on right side of front

⢠Porch on left side of front

⢠Bay windows on right side

⢠Window directly above porch

⢠Two front attic windows

⢠Triangular âÂÂGreek revivalâ type roof (although it is not a Greek revival)

⢠The first floor plan is similar to Sears Modern Home #264B215 from the 1916 catalog, which originally came from a âÂÂpre-1900 floor plan.â NOTE: The exterior does not look anything like the Sears house.

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My research indicates that Sears didn't sell kit houses at the time yours was built. It still could have come from a catalog; more likely, the builder may have used house plans developed by somebody else. Just like today, lots of companies sold house plans and lots of builders copied them.

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I know it wasn't Sears, I just said it was similar to a Sears house.

By the way, here's a picture:

Here is a link that might be useful: My House

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