Hardieplank cement siding over homasote?

pepperidge_farmMarch 16, 2013

We have a 50's colonial. Wanting to replace siding with Hardieplank and the stuff under the current cedar siding is homasote.

One contractor wants to leave it all in place and put ply sheathing then wrap the house, put up siding and "box" the windows in aluminum... Not happy with this.

The "approved" Hardie guy came, hated him, über sales pitch was a real turn off as I worry that when you need to use fear to sell your services there is something amiss. He suggested removing the siding, then ply then Wrap then Hardie. I do like this approach better, but again, not this guy.

The homasote is what seems to be causing the problem as once it is wrapped, you lose the location of the studs and don't know where to nail on the siding.

SO- does anyone have any thoughts about installation strategies or experience with this?

(ps keeping the cedar isn't in the books sadly due to extensive damage both age and storm related from Sandy)

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Greetings from the Homasote Tech Desk!

You can keep your Homasote siding in place if you wish by installing horizontal nailers over it. Put a layer of felt paper under the nailers and install them in accordance with the siding manufacturer's dimensions.


Call me at the Tech Desk
800-257-9491 ext: 1332

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I think the Tech was not familiar with HardiePlank horizontal lap siding.

I think h meant to install the HardiePlank on vertical furring (at each stud) over a non-woven housewrap (Tyvek is best).

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Yeah, think Tech was thinking of hardiebacker perhaps.

I just wonder why one couldnt just mark the stud locations after wrapping the house- but then I am not experienced with this.

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Pepperidge has it right in my opinion. :)

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