teaghansmamaJanuary 29, 2006

Hi! My name is Keira, I've been lurking for a long time but never posted (I didn't realize it was free!!) I live in NC with my husband and 16 month old daughter. We are expecting baby #2 in July which is probably why I've suddenly gotten so motivated to get out from under the clutter and mess in this house!

I've recently started "Flying" and although I admit, it's been days since I've had shoes on ;) my modified version of flying has been working well for me.

In the last few weeks I've decluttered and reorganized my master closet, master bath cabinets, a couple of kitchen cabinets, the linen closet and the laundry room. I have a few projects in progress but I'm already seeing a big difference in my home and my attitude.

Well, I just wanted to say hi before I start jumping in here... I love this forum and all the wonderful support and advice I see going on here. Can't wait to become a part of it!

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Welcome. You will find that the people on this forum are great at advice as well as cheering each other on. I started another thread based on what you said about decluttering and reorganizing. It really got me thinking.

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Welcome, Keira! I don't post a lot, but lurk every day, or so. It keeps me more motivated to check in and see what everybody else is accomplishing.

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Hi Keira,

Another welcome! Like Des, I don't post a great deal but am another lurker who gets inspiration from all the folks here. I've been an off and on flyer (who also wears shoes rather rarely) for a couple of years now. A considerable number of years ago, I was very BO. I find as I'm clearing clutter my natural instincts towards routines & organization are returning. :-)) The plus is I'm managing to lose the need for perfectionism. :-))

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Welcome, Keira! I, too, use a modified version of flylady. I couldn't function without my routines!


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HI Kiera!

I've also got Flylady adapted to my lifestyle!


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Hi Kiera! Good to have you! I live in NC also.

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I'm impressed that you have the energy to be a mother to a toddler while pregnant and the motovation to clean your house. You go girl!

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Welcome to the group. I've been doing Flylady for almost four years and the system works really, really well for our family.

It's hard sometimes for me to remember what it was like before. I just wish I had found the system when my oldest was a toddler. The other three have kind of grown up with it, so a decluttered, neat house is the norm for them.


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Thanks for the welcome!
I have to say, part of what is giving me the energy to be able to declutter and to clean with a toddler and while pregnant is the fact that I DON'T want my kids to grow up in a house like I did. I figure if I don't get it under control now it will be impossible when the 2nd baby is here!
My mom would probably be a good housekeeper if she could find the "house" under the "stuff." I hated growing up in a house that was so different than my friends houses, and wished more than anything that our house was neat. What you are doing is a huge benefit for your kids, Gloria!! As an adult, my house at it's worst doesn't come close to the state of my mom's but it still isn't up to what I know it can be. I tried for years to get her out from under, but she seems content with life so I finally let it go.
Things around here are already rubbing off on my husband. I notice him picking up after himself more than he has in years. When I am washing dishes after dinner and drying my sink, he teases me and says to our daughter, Look Mommy's flying... :)
I'm glad she's going to grow up seeing a decluttered, organized, clean house is our norm.

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And isn't it great that, as you start to see progress, even in things like the coat closet, that you see a big boost in your *attitude*?

Accomlishing goals, as you have been doing, is the best pick-me-up of all. Better, many times than a vacation--and way better than a *guilty* vacation.

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Hello! Welcome to the group!

I wish more kids had been exposed to decluttered, organized, clean homes. Good for you!

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Dear Teghansmama, I'm also a lurker. I used to belong to Flylady but got swamped just reading her daily emails. I like this forum better. Everyone is so kind and helpful. My mom is a lot like yours. Her house is in such bad shape. She has an upstairs bedroom so crowded with junk that the ceiling below is starting to sag. She has three home's worth of furniture crammed inside: her own, her mother's which she inheirited, and my brother's furniture since his divorce when he moved back in with her. But I am determined *NOT* to be like that. I was BO as a child, then kind of back-slid when I got my own home. My DH is absolutely no help. Wish I could motivate him! Good luck with your home and your growing family. Keep up the momentum, and try to post more often!

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