What I brought home from an appointment with my doctor

gazania_gwFebruary 9, 2013

Saw my doctor yesterday and was loaded down with papers by the time I got home. The doc ordered 2 rx's for which I was given 4 full sheets of instructions, side effects ect for each one. I also was given 3 more papers with details of my "Clinical Visit Summary" and 2 more with my treatment type and diagnosis code listings and another one with my insurance info and payment record.

I stopped at the pharmacy and picked up the 2 rx's. Attached to each bag was another set of instructions, etc. The same as the ones I got at the doctors office, except the print was smaller so just got 3 pages for each one.

Got home, opened the rx's to find inside their packaging was a whole 'nother set of instructions, etc. This time even smaller print so just 2 pages for each.

That adds up to 24 pages. Only the insert packaged with the scripts was printed on both sides.

This doctor's office takes pride in it's forward thinking and protecting the privacy of it's patients and the use of electronic record keeping, thus saving trees . HUH! What am I supposed to do with all these papers most of which include my name, address, and insurance info. Yes, I can shred them, but the whole thing to me is a little insane.

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Ya didn't get a virus, too, I hope.

(If you read it four times ... maybe it'll sink in farther?).

(Oh, yeah - now I get it: one copy for each eye ... twice, that is).

ole joyful

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That's what law suits produce.

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Agreed! Remember when computers were going to be the next greatest paper saving device?

Even at the grocery store, we get a long, long receipt.

I think this is mostly to prevent Law Suits. And I also think we can thank the woman who thought she could kill her DH with Tylenoll. Remember that?

Always remember this: The large print giveth, and the fine print taketh away.


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I keep the instruction in my filing cabnet under prescription information. Sometimes it is good to refer back to and on a new one, I even go on the internet.

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What I *didn't* get from the pharmacy here on Maui: The retail cost of the medication dispensed.

DH takes two expensive meds. A single pill of one of them is $15 retail. The total retail cost determines when he falls into 'The Gap' on Part D Medicare -- usually about July. Then he pays more for his meds for the rest of the year. He never gets *beyond* the gap to catastrophic coverage.

Both the retail and his OOP cost here on Maui were more than his SilverScript insurance had quoted an hour earlier. The OOP cost was 20% higher; the retail cost was 48% higher.

Once we are home I will take this up with Medicare if it continues. Both the pharmacy here and at home are CRH. SilverScript and CRH are both Caremark.

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I meant to say both pharmacies are CVS.

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