Tab coming out of metal roof

graywings123March 15, 2012

Yesterday I removed the gutter system surrounding the metal roof of my small front porch. It appears that the roof has lifted in places, possibly from plant vines (ivy for sure and possibly wisteria) that grew in there.

My question is about these metal tabs coming out from the under the roof. Can anyone tell me what they are/were for? They are connected under the roof somewhere, but there are no holes visible to make me think they were tacked down. Could they have been longer and cut off when the gutter was installed? Are they remnants of an old gutter system that can be trimmed further?

I am going to be cleaning and painting the porch and I don't know what to do with these things.

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They appear to be the old gutter hangers. If you ever replace the roof, they can be removed at that time. Meanwhile, just trim them off as close to the drip edge as possible.

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Thank you!

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