Red Dragon granite kitchen

GupfeeFebruary 1, 2013

Hello, first time poster here. We're just starting our renovation project, and I am working with a designer on colors and materials for the kitchen. I've fallen in love with red dragon granite but it is proving troublesome to match other things to. I also like the look of a birch floor. Cabinets will be from Cabico, with a recessed panel and mitered corners (I know that's old school but I prefer the look). Right now we are trying to figure out what color the cabinets should be so they don't fight with the red dragon. We're thinking dark, as the birch floor will be light. Also having trouble finding tile for the backsplash, so I'm considering just buying another slab and doing granite all the way up, but that might be too pricey compared to tile. Any thoughts, suggestions, advice on matching colors of tile and cabinets to red dragon appreciated! Thanks so much.

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Try googling images of red dragon granite to get ideas of what might work. If your kitchen will have an island, consider using the red dragon on the island only, and choose something solid color on the perimeter. That might make choosing things a little easier.

On the other hand, my brother used red vyara in his kitchen, and used solid pieces of slab for his backsplash. It's a not a large kitchen (no island) and it looks great. His cabinets are painted a sort of burgundy color.

Make sure you consider the amount of light in your kitchen before choosing a dark granite and dark cabinets. If there's not enough light, it can feel like a cave. Good luck with your search, and post pictures when it's done.

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It's such a beautiful and exciting granite! I love it! Here are some images that show different cabinets and flooring with it.

Traditional Kitchen design by Richmond Design-build Lane Homes & Remodeling Inc.

Traditional Kitchen design by Richmond Design-build Lane Homes & Remodeling Inc.

Modern Kitchen design by Portland Architect Giulietti Schouten Architects

Contemporary Kitchen design by Dc Metro Design-build Case Design/Remodeling, Inc.

Contemporary Kitchen design by I think it would look great with a light birch floor. It also looks really lovely as a backsplash. Good Luck!

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Yowzer! It looks fantastic with dark cabs (black or dark gray).

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Red dragon is lovely, but as you are finding out, not easy to work with. When it's red, it's really RED. When it's brownish, it's almost maroon/chocolatey.

I've seen it successfully paired with dark cabinets (painted or dark stained) and pale cabinets, and sage green cabinets (a bit "Christmas", but the green and red worked OK).

I'd use pale birch for floors and cabinets, to calm down the counter material. Be careful of the undertones - the stone is so intensely red it can make other colors look strange.

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"recessed panel and mitered corners" might be old school, but 1) you like it, and 2) it won't be just exactly like everyone else's Shaker. Good for you!

Here are some more images with light floors:

Modern Kitchen design by Dc Metro Design-build AV Architects + Builders

Modern Kitchen design by Other Metro Architect Arthur Dyson Architects

Traditional Kitchen design by Boston Kitchen And Bath Rob Kane - Kitchen Interiors Inc.

Here's a combo I think you can skip-the granite just fades into the background:

Here's a medium cabinet and a dark cabinet. Again, I just don't think the medium works:

Too yellow:

Red Dragon just on the island:

I'm thinking dark cabinets. What do you think?

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It looks fantastic with the Black, the dark browns and especially wonderful with the white. I don't think the floor color is the biggest issue. It's the cabinet color right next to it that seems critical. Can't wait to see what you choose! It's so fun to see something unique and special like this granite.

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agree with others....the dark cabs look fantastic!!!

either, black - espresso - or dark gray, for painted

anything mid range will just blend and not do your cabs or granite any favors..

can't wait to see some progress, do you have a pic of the granite??

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Thanks so much for the great responses. We are definitely leaning towards dark cabinets and have ordered a sample door from Cabico to match Sherwin Williams Sealskin (7675) as that one looked the nicest when held up to the slab. And we'll definitely go lighter with the birch floor--waiting for price quotes from two suppliers before we start working with finishes on that. It's very reassuring to find that the opinions here match my own experience.

I am so in love with this granite. The deep veining gives it a 3D look that makes me happy. The heart wants what the heart wants!

Any thoughts on tile, if we decide not to go with a granite backsplash?

Thanks again, and I will definitely be posting pictures as we get things settled and finished. Besides the kitchen, I'm getting a new powder room, laundry room, mud room and a screen porch. I'm sure I'll have more questions along the way!

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I agree that mid-tone woods don't work well--especially if they have reddish undertones. There's not enough contrast.

I like the dark woods. I think grey or taupe paint might work well. I really think it looks best when everything else is neutral (not boring, but neutral) and when there is high contrast to really show it off to its best advantage.

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I do have pictures of the slabs, but they are under florescent lights and just don't do it justice. I'm going to take more after the fabricator moves them to his shop, so hopefully the lighting will be better.

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for b/s, i like the last one from sanjuangirl...

nothing in red/pink color or undertones...

i would try to pull another color out of the granite if possible.

i would have to see the granite, cabs and floor to make a decision...

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Found a few more examples of the Red Dragon granite in kitchens. Still loving the white with it best!


Traditional Kitchen design by Boston Kitchen And Bath Rob Kane - Kitchen Interiors Inc.

Traditional Kitchen design by Boston


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This looks really close to the color granite that we just pulled out of here. There was a mix of "old school" cabinets and a newer black kitchen island.

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