How to store baseball hats?

zachspappyJanuary 30, 2006

Hello everyone, new to this site, stumbled across it while I was researching front load washing machines and have spent the last day browsing the forums.

Anyway, does anyone have any good tips on storing ball caps (other than throwing them all out like by wife would like?)

Thanks for any suggestions.

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Are the caps collectibles?

I just fold caps (meant for casual use) and put them in a drawer. To minimize clutter in the coat closet, we keep a few out each season and put the rest away.

The product linked below looks helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cap holder

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My hubby would freak if I folded his, lol. I have a closet right near the front door for guest's coats and such. I use the wooden rod which comes off (pull up) and I just take one side off and slide the caps through the back hole. This keeps them out of the way and keeps them looking perfect. Mind you I never have a closet full of guests at one time so there is plenty of room. I hang nothing else on the rods.

As you can see by the 2nd picture there is a plastic half circle (hardware) on that side making it a snap to hang them. The hats in there are mine (he never remember's to put his away) and I don't care too much about how mine look but this system will keep them looking perfect.

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Keilamarie, what an ingenious way to hang up hats. Since I have a rod that's not being, I am going to copy your idea. Thanks.

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What is it with you guys and your hats? Husband has 2 printer paper boxes full of them in spare closet plus rows of them on the top shelf of our closet piled about 3 high and several feet long. I'll bet I could get rid of half and he'd never know the difference. Hasn't looked at the ones in boxes in years. But some are "collectors items" from different years of Ducks Unlimited dinners. I swear he bought our John Deere tractor because they threw in a hat. Sorry, for the rant. Anyway thats how we store them. Sandy

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We bought (can't remember where) an over the door hat holder several years ago. It's got several clips to hold, I think, 15 hats, 3 across and 5 down. It's pretty handy, except that hubby has more than 15 hats...

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