securing trash bags

bspoffordJanuary 31, 2008

As an afterthought to another trash bag posting, I wanted to share a couple of methods I use to secure a trash bag in the can or wastebasket.

For large trash cans, I use a binder clip. That's the black thingie with the two wire squeezers on it. You can bend the wires down after fastening and the lid still fits. Just remember to take it off when you tie up the bag and put the garbage out!

For kitchen trash and wastebaskets I use the little plastic clippie from bread wrappers. Pull the bag over the sides, pull one end tight, twist, and clip.

I find both of these fast, easy and inexpensive ways to secure those darn bags.


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i'll see if i can find any info on those rubber bands I was talking about.
But those are nice ones, too.

On some kitchen trash bags, you could use a binder clip, too.

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I found it!

It's called "Band It" and it's made just like a ponytail holder.

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The "Band-It" works great on larger garbage cans. On a fluke, I tried a hairband like it on a smaller can and it worked like a charm. These come several to a pack for about $2 or so. HTH.

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You know, that's right--they sell elastic hairbands for the whole head--like a headband, but completely circular. Those would work well for trash cans, etc.

I'd forgotten about those, and was only thinking of the littlest ones, for ponytails.

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I have also found bungee cords useful for the kitchen garbage. They come in assorted sizes.


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I use 13 gallon trash bags in an 8 gallon trash can and don't find a need for clips. It hangs down on the sides about 6 inches and I tie the top with two edges when I put it in the trash cart. I buy inexpensive bags.

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