replacing barn shake siding

fhollingsheadMarch 19, 2009

During my drill and fill with cellulose wall insulation job my contractor discovered a major problem with my exterior siding. The PO's replaced the cedar shakes on one wall of the house with the smaller square shakes. Actually looks OK but since the older barn shakes are 36" and the new ones are shorter they cannot be "woven" together at corners. Thus, at the corners there is no protection/coverage of the framing; it's open to the elements.

I don't have any recourse with the PO's so I priced out replacing the shakes. New 36" redwood barn shakes are $700/100 sq ft. Anyone have this problem? How can I retain the look of shake siding but avoid a hugh expense.

The real problem is the unprotected corners where water can run into the framing. Any ideas out there?

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how about cutting back the siding on each corner and installing some 1x6 corner trim, than just caulk where the new trim meets the siding.

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We thought of that but then that doesn't fit with the overall architectural look of alternating stucco and shake/shingle walls.

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Is the join point between the two size of shingles an in inside or outside corner?

And, aside from the non-match of height are the bottoms of courses on both surfaces even with the other?


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Hi Molly:

Not sure what you mean by inside vs outside corners but one of the corners is a regular corner and the other dies into another projecting wall. As for your second question the wall in question is on a "soft story" that hangs out over space and doesn't go the full lenght of the house.



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